Hi all, I'm Jamie, I'm in Michigan USA, software engineer by trade, budding theology/philosophy nerd, almost fully deconstructed yet feel God so strongly I am wrestling with whether or not I should be a pastor (but, who would have me? I don't believe like a typical Christian anymore) so, started a blog, almost finished with my first album (I play many instruments and pretend to sing) and try to love those around me and listen to them. I talk about Jesus way more than before.

@jamiebonsall so, um, we are eerily similar (michigan, software, multi-instrumental, working on an album, deconstruction, ). like, WHAT

@brettdh here's something i wrote 2 years ago on Medium, even though I don't promote it or anything, somehow more people still read it every week. Medium is a good platform to write on, in my opinion, since it's kinda minimalist (unlike, say, wordpress) you don't have to worry about themes/fonts/CSS/etc.

@jamiebonsall Ann Arbor. @andrewm is over here too; we make music together now and then

@Randy hey there, greater Detroit/Ann Arbor area, are you from michigan too?

@jamiebonsall I'm in WA now. You can take the man outta the Mitten, but you can't take the Mitten outta the man. Greenville up near Lansing, last lived in St. Joseph. My wife's from Plymouth though.

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