@Joy_concepcion @mike Awareness, by Anthony de Mello. I'm gonna check out "why we sleep" sounds cool thanks

Morning Prayer 

@mattlaff i had forgotten about this poem. i LOVE cummings he was my fav poet when i was in high school, i have one of his collections lying around, gonna have to read it again. thanks!

@andrewmurray86 the more and more you do it the easier it gets! you'll find yourself craving real foods that keep you full longer too :)

Need help from a Liturgists Patron 

@mike same error as everyone else (From windows PC) Sorry, there was an error authorizing your account. Perhaps you did not approve authorization?

@drew @mike tooted about it yesterday, i think you can just go to his name and find it there

Community health request 

@Cobalt @lydia thank you for taking the time to answer, i really appreciate it!!!

@andyenochs welcome! sounds like you're in the right place :) congrats on being a new dad. what type of music do you make?

Community health request 

@Cobalt @lydia Also, I read the article on patheos linked above and knew none of his leaving patreon, and I had not heard of that other guy who got booted off first. I think I sort of understand why he left, the same reason he doesn't allow ads on his shows, he doesn't want to be controlled by anyone. I think it seems consistent/reasonable but I could see both opinions.

Thanks! Kinda out of the loop :)

Community health request 

@Cobalt @lydia Hi Cobalt, what do you mean "shits all over the humanities for proving racism matters"? I have listened to a few Sam Harris episodes and haven't caught on to what you're saying. Could you share more?

shameless self-promotion of some shit I wrote + 

@danielmrose i'd go even further. as rob bell says, "everyone is my teacher".

what can we learn from others? because to "reach" them is to preach to them. as if we have something to teach/preach.

maybe our stance should be, you are a child of the divine, what can i learn from you.


shameless self-promotion of some shit I wrote + 

@danielmrose dude, i like your writing. followed you on medium but i don't go on there much anymore. i like write.as, i'll have to check it out, i like the minimalism.

Many conversations that I have with colleagues are about how to “reach” the emerging generations. I’m coming to the conclusion that this is the wrong question. The better question is, “How can we be present with the emerging generations?”


@vishnu do Buddhists participate in healing prayer or an equivalent practice?

@trav @andrewmurray86 nice! i've seen them twice in MI and every time they come i fan-boy them to death and that's probably why they haven't come here in a while, though they're coming back soon and i'd love to see them now that they're pretty much fully a prog-jazz-rock-thing. i hadn't listened in a while though and i popped in their EP during lunch thanks to you and MAN that's good stuff. it doesn't age.

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