if you honestly think islamic culture contributed nothing to civilization you need to read about how algebra was developed and learn some god damned respect

Hate it when you accidentally eat the pit of an avocado

bullshitting philosophy 

The relativity of time is relative

God talks 

@ErikB totally meant to respond this to one of your messages.

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God talks 

Sometimes it might also be helpful to, in a sense, “give up” a relationship, and just “be” for awhile. It might take some pressure away from your mind. You can’t really escape God, so whether you consciously live with Her doesn’t really matter. You’re already part of Her.

Straight Silliness 

*My Economics teacher talking about car alternatives*
“You know you could take the train, or a plane, or a private helicopter. Or if you’re an especially fast walker, like me, then you don’t need a car”
*I immediately imagine my teacher speed-walking incomprehensibly quick on the interstate— sweater and all*

Hello every and all. For
I am a 20 yr old college student at NC State. Fully deconstructed. Pursuing computer science and composition. Wondering if anyone is in the area? Been listening to the Liturgists for 4 years now? I love all things music, genius stupidity, weightlifting, deep talks, mysticism, annnnd rock climbing.

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