What if deconstruction is like getting tired of holding up a house of cards in a panic and instead learning how to play Go Fish with the remaining pile of cards on the floor?

Random thought of the day.

Facebook is funny. It tries to sell me on every spirituality thing imaginable. Gospel mime routines, Wicca books, atheist resources...you name it!

I just finished listening to the latest episode on Fear. I thought Hillary’s meditation was extremely helpful to me today in my journey. I’ve been seeing so many things in a negative light, things that I don’t want or I’m tired of, but thinking about my inner child and giving her a hug and asking what she wants, I realized even in my agnosticism, I’d like to love my family, celebrate the life of Jesus with ALL sorts of people, do all sorts of creative things, and make my dog happy. 🙂

Uffda. That moment when your mom posts something on Facebook like “Click like if you believe Jesus is the only way to heaven,” and you’re sitting here like, “How do I tell you I’m agnostic when we’ve all been through a lot of tragedy in the last couple years and I don’t want to cause more drama...” 🥺

Lent hasn’t been a big part of family tradition growing up. I first learned about it when we moved in next door to a Lutheran pastor and family. So sometimes I would join in their tradition as a kid and give up candy...kind of. This year I want to focus on one of the aspects of the holy reduce, reuse, recycle trinity: reduce.

One of my AWANA students from back in the day is having a baby. I feel really old now.

I heard in youth group as a kid that whatever emptiness I feel is a God sized hole I might be trying to fill with other things. What if it was a self-confidence hole I’ve been trying to fill with an imaginary friend?

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Sorry, apparently I’m having trouble replying to threads. How do you respond to posts without just putting a random toot out there on the main feed?

@elzbieta Oxford Study Bible - NRSV , the preferred version of my professors at Luther College, a progressive Lutheran college in Iowa. The blue paperback is a lot easier to lug around than the big whopping red one I got because they were out of the blue ones at the bookstore. I think it has very readable prose while still being a scholarly translation.

@Ricci Thank you for sharing your story. Losing a sibling just absolutely stinks. Being heard and knowing others share the journey helps. ❤️

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