I heard in youth group as a kid that whatever emptiness I feel is a God sized hole I might be trying to fill with other things. What if it was a self-confidence hole I’ve been trying to fill with an imaginary friend?

@jennyk I can’t answer that for you, but I always hated that talk. I never once felt the “love of god” or “fulfillment of the spirit”. The only times I was moved emotionally in the church was out of shame. So it could be a self confidence thing. For me though I don’t think that shame ever really left. After listening to the episode on shame, I think a lot of stuff made a lot more sense.

@jennyk Yes! These days I like to say, everyone has a people-shaped hole in their heart and they often try to fill it with God

@jennyk realizing that the absence of emphasis on self love in Christian tradition maybe has left a hole when god leaves the equation. I’ve tried to fill that with lots of external things/relationships. How is it that I’m 35 and just realizing how important self love is?

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