"I believe the church is called to the slow and difficult work of healing. We are called to enter into one another’s pain, anoint it as holy, and stick around no matter the outcome." --

“If you want to do violence in this world, you will always find the weapons. If you want to heal, you will always find the balm.” ~ RHE 💔

I keep remembering the Liturgists "Christian" episode when Rachel Held Evans sang "I AM A C! I AM A C-H! I AM A C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N!" with so much joy and sincerity. It was funny, but it also felt like it came straight from her heart because she meant it.

I can’t even process the immensity of the loss of RHE. There are no words. Her work was completely and utterly life-changing for me. 💔 If there is a God, why would They not spare her.

I think I make for a pretty weird atheist...I spend all day listening to podcasts mostly from progressive Christian thinkers and am currently reading The Great Spiritual Migration by Brian McLaren.

I'm not sure I can believe in God anymore, but I still find it fascinating and hopeful that some parts of my former faith might be salvageable enough to make something beautiful.

"We are punished more by our sins than for our sins." – Richard Rohr

I need a therapist like @mike described. I've had about 4 therapists, but none of them call me out for intellectualizing everything. I need help ~feeling~

@mike & @vishnu - WHAT?! Are you kidding me with those Buddhist download numbers? Too bad for everyone. Oh well, letting go of that and just welcoming it to what is. Thank you all for the work you put into that. Me and the other 5 people would like to extend our gratitude.

PSA: there is absolutely nothing you can do or say today, that will make you more deserving or worthy of love. You are already! 🖤✌🏽❤️

Remember capitals in hastags for our visually impaired friends.
E.g. if you type text to voice programs may not recognise the words so will spell it out. If you type the two words will be recognised and communicated. It makes it faster for them to read a comment.

Couple this with the shame-filled narratives of and you get a very insecure young girl, feeling guilt about any sense of personal accomplishment or . To this day, and this moment, I struggle with guilt and deeply rooted shame about things as simple as posting a selfie, or a video of me doing what I love, or even this post. But I’m learning that I can love myself, as I am, and freely share and show that. There is no shame in who I am. And so, a selfie of me feeling cute 🖤

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One reason I love the is that it’s helped me learn so much about myself and the challenges I’ve not been able to recognize. As a Enneagram 3, I’ve recently come to understand more why I’ve always shrunk from anything I’ve perceived as self-promoting or drawing attention to myself. Especially being raised deeply , anything hinting towards “vanity” is wrong and shameful. 1/

I love I'm not addicted to this place. I love I can come back and just me be without fear. Thank you for this space.

For @mike, @Melissa, and any other climate change experts, my father (a climate change denier) recently shared this article: humansarefree.com/2016/09/over. As someone relatively new to the topic, I don’t know how to respond in an intelligent and informed manner, even though climate change is a topic I am deeply concerned and interested in. Would love any thoughts/advice/resources y’all could throw my way!

Detoxing my library! 

Finally going through my extensive book collection, ridding it of evangelical theology books, homophobic & islamaphobic books, sexist books, and all things John Piper. Still a ways to go, but feeling good!

Ugh guys I can’t find any available copies of All About Love for at any libraries near me. I was trying to avoid buying it, because I have a book buying problem....but now I don’t know what to do 😭😭😭

When things are hectic, it's okay to say no or tell someone to ask you again later.

Last FB & Politics Vent I Promise 

Y’all...my last thread of attachment to FB is that it’s the only way I can stay updated on my extended fam. We don’t speak often since I came out and got engayged. And I love them dearly. But they’re all trump supporters. And post s*** like this. If they weren’t serious, I’d laugh.😐 But they are.
I’ve never been one to want politics to be a divisive force in my life, but it seems almost unstoppable in this climate. I will continue to care about them but SIGGHH

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