Open question:

On a scale from 1 to “YASS”, how gay are you?? If fitting, how do your queer identities relate to your faith?

Also, add me!! ❤️

@jezzy Can we add more A’s and S’s to that YASS?? ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

@jess_spiars Given the 500 character limit I would say YAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS

@jezzy I mean, I'm a complete Kinsey X so...that much gay?

@y2ksnowglobe thanks for introducing me to the Kinsey scale! It’s nice to meet you heather ☺️

@sim1 oof I feel you there. 5-year-ago me would NOT be pleased.
But it’s so much happier now to be living the truth!

Religion & LGBTQ life 


I’m a Bight (bi+eight, I’m so freaking funny). My bisexuality has actually made me closer with God because I’m convinced they made me this way and loves me entirely as I am. When I came out I was worried but my church and my reverend said “we’ll be here for you no matter what”. I’m studying queer theology in school and want to work with faith groups (especially the Methodists which I’m a member of) after that to help them be better stewards to the LGBTQ community.

Religion & LGBTQ life 

@JennyBee hello you bi eight, you! 🙂
That’s so awesome and encouraging! My church has been affirming LGBT for some time but the congregation is just now becoming aware of the nuances of the “+” in nonbinary identities. It’s a good time. 👏

Religion & LGBTQ life 

@jezzy the church I attend is all over the place politically but since we started an inclusive service we’ve noticed that the more traditional people are starting to take an interest in LGBTQ+ issues and what it means for the entire denomination to be more inclusive.

Religion & LGBTQ life 

@JennyBee did I see that you're UMC? How are you holding up this month? I'm a wreck.

Religion & LGBTQ life 

@Melissa Yes I’m UMC. I’m actually going to St Louis at the end of the month to observe and volunteer with RMN to support inclusivity. I’m lucky in the fact that my home church is on the more progressive side & they’re pretty adamant that nothing will change for us, they’ll continue to support the LGBTQ community.

I’m worried about what will happen but also we can’t control it. I hope for inclusion & prepare for division. I’m tired of it all honestly.



I think fairly y :trans_heart: :heart_pride: ssss

Honestly still trying to figure it out. I was able to function in a straight/cis role but recent events suggest I am very cis and very not straight? I haven't figured out what I am yet. I was attracted to my spouse when I thought she was a dude, but I think girl her is def cuter. I think maybe I'm pan? I probably should research more, but I haven't yet. 🤷



For faith, coming from an Evangelical background kept us closeted for waaaay too long. It's been a slow crawl out


@liz oooff I definitely feel that. I’m still not out to family or at work. My church is great though and I could open up to them. 💚


@jezzy we're out to family which went surprisingly well. One sister said she wasn't going to let us see her kids again until they were adults, but another sister talked to her, and she reevaluated. Work we are kind of out? Managers and some friends know, it should be fine because there are lots of trans people at work (it's tech). Church though... Ugh that is not going to be smooth....


@liz @jezzy Sounds like a fascinating story; enjoy the journey :)


@liz 💚💚 I feel you, it’s a journey right? Whatever labels you discover, you’re great! ☺️


@liz @jezzy my wife is trans and just began her MTF transition last fall. Lots of people have asked me if I am gay. But that label didn’t feel right even though I now know I’m not straight, since I am very excited about my wife’s transition. Bisexual didn’t fit either since I really only been attracted to her, whether she is presenting male or female. I do enjoy sex, so asexual felt wrong. This past week I learned about demisexual which means sexual attraction based on strong connection.


@jessimica @liz one of my best friends is in the same kind of thing! She’s been using queer because it’s so versatile.
I love demisexual though because it just feels so pure of a concept, gives me happy feels. ❤️ I’m a little biased though, my partner is demi too!


@jezzy @jessimica I thought about using queer, but I feel like it's too vague for me. It seems like the labels are mostly for other people to be able to understand me better, and as far as I can tell queer means just not straight? It might grow on me though, I think I need more time with it.

Also, again so excited to find other people!


@jessimica @jezzy That's so amazing! I didn't know if there were any other liturgists that had been through the same thing, I'm really happy to find you! I just read the demisexual definition and I think that might be me too! Also, maybe this is why I never understood porn (how could I be attracted to the people, I don't even know them)?

It's definitely been a process trying to figure everything out. :trans_heart: :heart_pride: aw, looks like no demisexual emoji heart yet 🤷‍♀️ 😅


@jessimica @jezzy

@mike do you know how we can add more emojis? I just learned what demisexual is and I suddenly need it as an emoji 😅


@liz @jessimica @mike
Liz that is toot just too wholesome and adorable. 💚 😭


@liz I believe the grey in the Ace flag represents demisexuality. :asexual_flag: :asexual_sparkle_heart:
@jessimica @jezzy
@mike if I send you an ace heart and ace flag with transparent backgrounds is it easy to replace the two we have? I don't want to make more work for you, but also those solid backgrounds are bothering me. 😬


@sim1 @jessimica @jezzy @mike

The link I found said that the demisexual flag has a black triangle? but, I also only learned that the word demisexual this morning, so... 🙃


@liz @jessimica @jezzy @mike ahhhh yeah you're right. The ace flag is meant to be inclusive, but there's a specific demisexual flag as well. The LGBTQ+ flags get kinda confusing at times. Like :heart_gq: is the genderqueer flag where the lavender represents nonbinary identities, but there's also a nonbinary flag of yellow, white, purple, and black. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


@sim1 @liz @jessimica @jezzy @mike I'm just bummed that I the :trans_heart: and :asexual_sparkle_heart: don't both fit in my display name. =) The display name input does not collapse the custom emoji names into single characters, so its hard to fit more than one in 30 characters when they have really long names. 😂


@shannon @sim1 @liz @jessimica @jezzy @mike Maybe you can put them both in your bio a bunch of times to make up :trans_heart: :asexual_sparkle_heart:

I'm an ace but realizing I'm pan-attractional so . . . YAA-errrrrrrrhmmmm 🤷‍♂️🦄

@jezzy Ok first of all, those scale parameters are amazing. 😂 I'd say I'm definitely a "YASS," but maybe not quite a "YASS QUEEN."
My deconstruction actually began full-force after I left home and was able to finally come out TO MYSELF. I spent YEARS battling the "gay vs Jesus" showdown in my mind, and finally came to a point where I threw my hands up and said, "God, this is me. I can't change and I really don't want to. If you aren't cool with that, I guess I can't be cool with you."

@hellorose yass!!
Mm I totally feel you there. It’s that spot where it’s like “okay at this point god you can’t blame me here”

@jezzy Haha, yes exactly. That, and I knew some of my family would be unsupportive. The moment I threw my hands up at God was the same moment I was able to do the same with my family. I reached a place where my own opinion of myself was all that truly mattered and I wouldn't allow anybody else's judgment to steal my love for myself. This immediately transferred to my view of others and allowed me to look outward with greater love and compassion.

@jezzy I have been thinking about this lately and while I'm not so much straight as just monogamous and married to a man, I don't think I can use the term "queer" because I'm really not a part of that community. Thoughts?

@Aubrianne definitely. Hmm well I think it comes down to your own sense of your identities. There’s also erasure that happens with queer persons who are “passing” as cisgender and hetero. perhaps you haven’t found the right term yet to best express queerness in you?

@Aubrianne @jezzy I would say that's probably more common than a lot of people would like to admit.

@jezzy Well I recently realized I'm a 4 on the Kinsey Scale, though I used to think I was a 5.

So I guess with your system that's like a "6.HEEEY"

@jezzy currently trying to figure this out! I’ve always had a very easy time functioning as straight, but I think I’m probably somewhere on the bi scale. I don’t have much of a faith identity anymore, but I come from a Christian family/community, and it’s definitely not something I talk about with them on a personal level. I’m happy to discuss my sexuality with people I meet in my new secular world though!

@Tori I feel that. My gender+sexuality reflections began after my religious deconstruction left me with a mostly agnostic worldview. I couldn’t reconcile a creator with the world I see, but suddenly evolution and human/social psychology made so much more sense.
Talking with safe friends (primarily non religious) has been so nurturing with connecting with my queerness. I hope you’ve been finding opportunities to sort throw all this too!

@jezzy yes I count myself very lucky for having safe people to talk to! Thanks

@jezzy I’d say an 11? I originally was pretty certain I was a straight cis guy, but turns out I’m a pan-trans woman 9w2

Yas?? I'm ace/grey-ace (not sure which one fits better yet) and pretty homoromantic :asexual_sparkle_heart: :heart_pride:

I struggled for a while to come out to myself because of how I had internalized purity culture. I knew I didn't want to have sex, but I couldn't tell if it was coming from my fundie upbringing, or if it was really from me. That lead to a lot of self doubt. I'm in a good place now, but I guess I'm wondering if I fit as "gay" or "queer" or something else.
Debate over ace queerness is ongoing and I don't want to bust into a community in which I'm not a part.

@anonyme Internalized purity culture is rough stuff. I’m sorry about the self doubt that oppression caused.

Ace + grey ace is totally a queer spectrum in my book, my best friend is grey ace and feels that too ❤️

Thanks so much for the support! 💜 I really appreciate it!

@jezzy that's a loaded question lol gay enough to identify as gay, not gay enough for most to people to know. I guess in that sense I slipped under the radar in church. I did, however, have my church membership revoked when they added the "gay question" to the new membership renewal apps

@jezzy Being an ally pushed me to leave my parents' church, realizing I was queer pushed me to leave my second church. I'm not sure where to put myself on the scale. I use the term queer for myself because it includes ambiguity and complexity. I could find all the right individual identities that fit me, put I don't feel the need to do so.

That's awesome. I do love the non dual thinking I have been embracing. It's so freeing!

@jezzy I have been thinking about this a lot lately! I think I might be a little bit bi 🤷🏼‍♀️ I use the shrug emoji because I have a male-bodied, male-identifying partner, but I def had a crush on a girl at work recently. Is it just because I’m attracted to girls or is it just because I’m attracted to her personality. Can’t decide, so 🤷🏼‍♀️

@alannah @jezzy A gradual deconstruction of orientation is a common thing among The Liturgists. It's not just you.

@mike @jezzy so nice to be in a safe place to explore these thoughts and feelings 😊❤️

@alannah @mike
I'm honored to be in this place with everyone, it's really nourishing 💚

I was queer before I became an athiest, so I was super into a gay loving god for a good while!
I was a a gay theology major, and without religious dogma, I'd probably still be a Christian. But the hate got to me, and made it easier to see plotholes. Also, am purty dang queer.

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