Open question:

On a scale from 1 to “YASS”, how gay are you?? If fitting, how do your queer identities relate to your faith?

Also, add me!! ❤️



I think fairly y :trans_heart: :heart_pride: ssss

Honestly still trying to figure it out. I was able to function in a straight/cis role but recent events suggest I am very cis and very not straight? I haven't figured out what I am yet. I was attracted to my spouse when I thought she was a dude, but I think girl her is def cuter. I think maybe I'm pan? I probably should research more, but I haven't yet. 🤷


@liz @jezzy my wife is trans and just began her MTF transition last fall. Lots of people have asked me if I am gay. But that label didn’t feel right even though I now know I’m not straight, since I am very excited about my wife’s transition. Bisexual didn’t fit either since I really only been attracted to her, whether she is presenting male or female. I do enjoy sex, so asexual felt wrong. This past week I learned about demisexual which means sexual attraction based on strong connection.



@jessimica @liz one of my best friends is in the same kind of thing! She’s been using queer because it’s so versatile.
I love demisexual though because it just feels so pure of a concept, gives me happy feels. ❤️ I’m a little biased though, my partner is demi too!


@jezzy @jessimica I thought about using queer, but I feel like it's too vague for me. It seems like the labels are mostly for other people to be able to understand me better, and as far as I can tell queer means just not straight? It might grow on me though, I think I need more time with it.

Also, again so excited to find other people!

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