Open question:

On a scale from 1 to “YASS”, how gay are you?? If fitting, how do your queer identities relate to your faith?

Also, add me!! ❤️



I think fairly y :trans_heart: :heart_pride: ssss

Honestly still trying to figure it out. I was able to function in a straight/cis role but recent events suggest I am very cis and very not straight? I haven't figured out what I am yet. I was attracted to my spouse when I thought she was a dude, but I think girl her is def cuter. I think maybe I'm pan? I probably should research more, but I haven't yet. 🤷


@liz @jezzy my wife is trans and just began her MTF transition last fall. Lots of people have asked me if I am gay. But that label didn’t feel right even though I now know I’m not straight, since I am very excited about my wife’s transition. Bisexual didn’t fit either since I really only been attracted to her, whether she is presenting male or female. I do enjoy sex, so asexual felt wrong. This past week I learned about demisexual which means sexual attraction based on strong connection.


@jessimica @jezzy That's so amazing! I didn't know if there were any other liturgists that had been through the same thing, I'm really happy to find you! I just read the demisexual definition and I think that might be me too! Also, maybe this is why I never understood porn (how could I be attracted to the people, I don't even know them)?

It's definitely been a process trying to figure everything out. :trans_heart: :heart_pride: aw, looks like no demisexual emoji heart yet 🤷‍♀️ 😅


@jessimica @jezzy

@mike do you know how we can add more emojis? I just learned what demisexual is and I suddenly need it as an emoji 😅



@liz @jessimica @mike
Liz that is toot just too wholesome and adorable. 💚 😭

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