I’m going to be talking to my math professor on the topic of whether or not mathematics exists outside of human perception/uses. Any thoughts on this concept?

I cannot believe the news about Rachel Evans. That is heart breaking.

Also this one. Look at this lil one tryna hold down a steady job.

Perhaps gods love is unconditional because there is no condition upon which you must agree in order to accept yourself.

I suspect that everything we do is in the context of relationship.

One of my favorite questions to ask friends is, if I were to go back in time and find you, what would it take for me to convince you that I am from the future? How about you?

Does Math exist independent of human observation? Is it a reality in itself, or is it simply a human tool?

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A mentor once told me:

We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their actions. Try to judge yourself by your actions and others by their intentions.

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You can beleive whatever you want to believe about the morality of various sexual orientations and gender identies. On social.theliturgists.com, honest questions are always welcome (assuming they are behind a content warning).

Telling people you don’t approve of their orientation or gender identity is not allowed. Full stop. This is an affirming environment.

This include telling people “the Bible” or “God” doesn’t approve of them.

Violations earn a one-way ticket to Bans-ville.

Has anyone done any beta reading? I’m thinking it would be helpful on my project and I’m not sure where to look.

What does it mean to be on the top of the evolutionary ladder or the winner evolutionarily speaking?

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