I suspect that everything we do is in the context of relationship.

@jordanmathis (1/2) The first things that come to mind are eating at your kitchen or dining room table, when you take a shower, and your paradigm of yourself.

If you imagine that you are the only person existing, you can see how many aspects of your life fall away. This is because they exist as constructs in the context of relationship with others.

@jordanmathis (2/2) Your paradigm of yourself is largely influenced and formed by how others respond or interact with us. Subtlety informs how we might be viewed by outsiders. If you were the only person existing, I would suspect the paradigm would also fall away to some extent. This would indicate that the mental picture we have of ourselves is also constructed and is not truly “us”.

@jherb @jherb yes! This is what the whole idea of “stereotype effect” is based on. We may be/feel/think certain things, but because we know we are being perceived in certain ways be others, we start to morph more to the “idea” than to our “personhood”.

@jherb It seems like it’s truly impossible for people to be “people” outside of people. Rousseau lived alone for most of the end of his life and said “I am now alone on earth, no longer having any brother, neighbor, friend of society other than myself…But I, detached from them and from everything, what am I? That is what remains for me to seek“

It’s a lot to ask of a human to be separate.
In other words, I liked your observation and I agree 😂

@jordanmathis I like this! So I would suspect that to be at peace then, is to recognize that your “is-ness” exists outside of and before all of these constructs, including one’s own paradigm of their “self”.

@jherb I would suppose so! I feel the most is-ness when I allow myself to dissolve into everything. It’s basically the “forget your ego” lesson in different words, in my opinion.
Basically, who the fuck cares who I am in relation to others. Not because they don’t matter, but bc my is-ness Is regardless of what their is-ness insists. Or what my is-ness insists I be.

I like that word. 😂👏🏼

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