I’m going to be talking to my math professor on the topic of whether or not mathematics exists outside of human perception/uses. Any thoughts on this concept?

@jherb This isn't original, but Plato says yes while Aristotle says no.

I am more of a Platonist, like a majority of math teachers.

It seems to me that the universe will follow regular patterns whether humans are around or not.

What is your thinking?

@andy12 I should look more into Plato's and Aristotle's opinions!

I feel torn! While it seems that our reality operates in patterns that seem to follow mathematical constructs, I wonder why humans are the only ones that "notice" these regularities.

@jherb I'm not convinced humans are the only ones that notice 😉

@jherb math itself is a human construct, but there exist relationships in nature that follow patterns. I’d say math is to nature as language is to meaning. It’s what we use to describe something that is most definitely there. I guess it depends on the definition of math that you are using.

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