@andy12 I should look more into Plato's and Aristotle's opinions!

I feel torn! While it seems that our reality operates in patterns that seem to follow mathematical constructs, I wonder why humans are the only ones that "notice" these regularities.

@rayjay It’s a fascinating look at the way moral principals and politics interact to create group evolution and cohesion.

I’m going to be talking to my math professor on the topic of whether or not mathematics exists outside of human perception/uses. Any thoughts on this concept?

@bduncan I believe it was called Black Box. Life changing episode for me :)

I cannot believe the news about Rachel Evans. That is heart breaking.

Also this one. Look at this lil one tryna hold down a steady job.

@hope @justincalebbryant I am god, and so are you, and so are they, and so are we :)

@Tori Yes! Accepting that all these things are constructed and we must make a choice right for us, not one chosen for us.

@Tori I’ve felt the same way! It’s interesting how the snowball of deconstruction can just keep going and going. Though, I’m happy that it does.

@justincalebbryant I like this! I wondered the same thing; is nirvana simply a choice? Simply stepping out of the construct we’ve made that we aren’t already there?

@silas I would ask why they are afraid of clearing their mind, and then ask who is it that is scared.

@bduncan Yes! This makes me think of the Yuga Cycles of time. Or like a snake eating it’s tail.

Perhaps gods love is unconditional because there is no condition upon which you must agree in order to accept yourself.

@Ricci Don’t forget that you exist before their opinions, and you will exist after their opinions. Your true nature is unmoved and does not need approval.

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