bisexuality, queer, trauma 

Realizing that I may never fully explore my bisexual identity with a male because years of experiences have taught me that masc-presenting men are not safe to be vulnerable with. :( How truly fucked up am I?

bisexuality, queer, trauma 

@jkalt You are a beloved child of God.

bisexuality, queer, trauma 

@jkalt Hey, was just scrolling on your page... It is not only you struggling with the emotional stunting of males--it seems to be a typical feature of our culture. I imagine it could be hard to discern what part of your attraction is rooted in the emotional tension of this reality.

Forgive me if this is too personal or crosses a line, and correct me if necessary--I don't want to be another person that feels unsafe. Or you don't have to reply at all, but since you...1/

bisexuality, queer, trauma 

@jkalt ...reached out about this, I'm drawn to wonder if part of your attraction to masc-presenting males (at least the emotional part) is a yearning to overcome that gaping hole in yourself that can't trust males.

I could be speaking prematurely since I don't know you.

I myself have felt a lack in this area & have gotten significantly active in men's groups to help address my need for more meaningful male relationships. I think the intense commitments I found...2/

bisexuality, queer, trauma 

@jkalt those groups indicates a widespread mutual need. I am fortunate that my wife recognizes the value of these groups, and that while our marriage fulfills a great part of my emotional life, there is another part of it that only other males can fulfill.

I know some people would disagree with this understanding, and emphasize that people are people, whether male or female. My sense is that there is more to it than that. 3/3

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