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Missionaries out on campus today trying to convince people that we are all inherently bad. We may do both beneficial and detrimental things but no matter what they say, you are GOOD. You are one of us. You are good simply because you're a person! Believe it or not, their old book says so, too.

I need to talk to some polyamorous people stat. I recall seeing some folx on here who fit that description, no?

Update: Our boy didn't make it. The vet couldn't get him stable enough again to even do the blood panel and begin to figure out what had happened. We had to let him go. He was only five and we're devastated.

Thanks to @Shoshana, @JessieGinger, @Birdie, and @WolfDreamer, @Krismsheedy and others for the kind thoughts and words.

My partner and I are at the ER with our cat. He has been having mysterious health problems with his liver we haven't been able to pinpoint. Thirty minutes ago he had a seizure. They think he might not make it.

I guess I just needed to feel like someone was thinking about us. Pet owners know what we're feeling.

"You were on fire last night, you were like 'get baptized; live your truth; every body is a bikini body.'" -The Santa Clarita Diet

Season 3 soon! And this quote is my mantra this week. 😅

This morning, had the good fortune to watch a large female Red-tailed Hawk eating a robin a mere fifteen feet away. Female Red-tails can get so huge... Incredible to watch that close and hear all the sounds.

I love nature and writing, video games, good cinema. Books, books, and more books. I've gone back (at 28) to finish my Bachelor's degree this year in Creative Writing. Glad to be here! (2/2)

I don't think I ever did an introduction post and I've been on here for at least a month or two.

I'm Jordan. Ex-worship leader of a small church plant that lasted five years before giving up the ghost. I don't even think of myself that way anymore, though. Over the last three years I've deconstructed to the point that I'm an atheist now. I've found life outside of Christianity has been more freeing, more enjoyable, and more sane than I would have ever imagined. (1/2)

#HubbleFriday Long ago gravity drew these 2 galaxies together. However, actual collisions between stars are very rare as stars are very small relative to the distances between them. Eventually the galaxies will fully merge to form a single, stable galaxy…

The first quarter of Bob Woodward's book, Fear, is absolutely astounding. No one believed Trump could win. At every turn, Trump and Bannon just decide to do the most ridiculous thing and trust to the evil nature of a majority of Americans. Every time, their trust in evil was rewarded.

UMC decision is just another example to me of why it's not worth my time to trust the church, even the progressive church.

@mike what was this amazing video game you couldn't put down? 😂

"Does Junior Asparagus' pee smell like asparagus?" -Jennifer Knapp

(2/2) I made it clear that I could tell what was up and reiterated what I had said in my post, that I wasn't interested in changing anyone's mind and hoped people could show me the same respect. He got even more cagey and manipulative with, "I don't think it's disrespectful to want to talk about it. I don't want to like debate it with you man." (so buddy-buddy and we literally don't know each other) I just had something I wanted to share with you real quick is all." Lol. No thanks, I said.

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(1/2) My wife's friend's husband, whom we never see and whom I have never even had a one on one conversation with messaged me on Facebook tonight and was like, "hey man, call me if you get the chance..." I was immediately suspicious. Sure enough, he soon "clarifies" with "Yeah man, I just wanted to talk to you about some things. Related to christianity/atheism. Nothing like an argument or anything man. Just wanted to share some stuff." This, on the heels of me coming out as an atheist on FB.

#HappyBirthday to Galileo Galilei who was born on this day in 1564! His observations revolutionized the field of astronomy including his discovery of Jupiter's four largest moons. This video shows 3 of the 4 "Galilean moons" as observed by Hubble in 2015…

anticapitalism, awkward 

PROFESSOR: so tell me why are you all are taking this class on social media?
EVERYONE: *some variation on “I like instagram and want a job”*
ME: I’m interested in the ways social media allow companies to assert ownership over organically formed communities… *tents fingers* and how to put a stop to that
PROFESSOR (nervous): …ok

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