Hey @mike: I am totally with you on the Oxford comma. But accept all changes? Hell no. When I got the first printed copy of my most recent book, I was immediately disappointed because the spacing in one part was messed up. And it was messed up because the editor made the final changes and I never got to review the final copy. So yeah, I have trust issues when it comes to control over my creative work. And I probably could be *a bit* less of a perfectionist at times.

Listening to @mike profess his love for The Rock this morning was exactly what I needed to start my day.

Thanks to everyone for the great advice re: therapists. After I posted, I did some looking on the internet. As a couple of you suggested, I looked at therapists that specialized in LGBT issues and trauma. And if "Christian" appeared in their bio, or they had graduated from Liberty University, hard pass. I emailed 3 that I'm going to try to meet with and see if any of them click with me. Thanks again.

Folks, any advice for finding a therapist that understands deconstruction and the unusual varieties of spirituality thay many of us around here practice? I feel like it's time to talk to someone again, but I'm in a pretty religiously/politically conservative part of the country (West Michigan), and I don't think most members of that subculture could really be effective for me. Suggestions are appreciated.

I don't have much of a , since I've only recently followed Gungor again after finding the Liturgists podcast. However, I was a worship leader a million years ago and I tried to play Beautiful Things--tried being the key word there. Absolutely butchered the guitar part and then my voice cracked like crazy on the high notes. I'm cringing just thinking of it. But hearing everyone else's stories, I think I need to get caught up on some of their post-Friend-of-God tunes.

Hi all. So @mike convinced me to give this whole Mastodon thing a shot. What's your favorite iPhone app to go with it?

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