Folks, any advice for finding a therapist that understands deconstruction and the unusual varieties of spirituality thay many of us around here practice? I feel like it's time to talk to someone again, but I'm in a pretty religiously/politically conservative part of the country (West Michigan), and I don't think most members of that subculture could really be effective for me. Suggestions are appreciated.

@jkhodge In my experience it took a lot of calling around, being up front on the phone with my expectations and not settling for anyone that gave me doubts.

@jkhodge my therapist doesn’t get it. She has helped me immensely though. The safe space to unwind the hurt is all I needed. I was initially hesitant as well, turns out I didn’t need a guide to lead me back, I already knew the path. What I needed was for it to be ok.

@jkhodge I would only suggest a therapist at a non-faith based center. If you can’t find one you like keep looking. Usually the sign you’re looking for is non-judgmental acceptance. If they can offer that, they have done their own work.

@jkhodge I mean, my therapist is one who left a Christian counseling center and she's really good. But I kind of stumbled into that by accident. She is in West Michigan though. Cynthia Rodriguez, she's cool.

@jkhodge you could see a psychologist rather than a faith based counselor. You could also call organisations in your area that are already assisting other people who may feel outside the subculture (lgbti or institutional abuse survivors for instance) for recommendations.

@jkhodge I would love to know what you find! I also live in West Michigan and had a hard time finding therapists that weren't particularly religious.

Also, in case you haven't heard yet, we do have a Michigan group of Liturgists fans who get together sometimes, so let me know if you would like me to add you to our Mastodon and/or Facebook group messages! :)

@Kaitlyn1994 Ha! I just posted asking if anyone was from West Michigan. And yes, I'd love to be added to the Michigan group. Thanks!

@Kaitlyn1994 Oh, and I'll let you know what I find out with therapists. I have a consultation with one in Allendale on Monday.

@Tiffany Heck yeah! I'll add you!

Also, I should mention that I'm still figuring Mastodon out, but I just created a Facebook group as well called Michigan Liturgists Fans that you're welcome to join. :)

Hello!! Another West Michigander here! Could you add me as well?

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