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Atlanta friends, my church has a side project called Atlanta Becoming and the guests we bring in are amazing and attract such a beautiful community. Plus there's beer and wine.
Click the link to see which guests are lined up for this spring:

This morning's set list:
Steady by Bread & Wine
Forgiveness by Bread & Wine
Simple Gospel: United Pursuit

Saw on Twitter and thought it would be fun here...
Top 5 Albums you've listened to in your life. Be honest!
1. Anchors Aweigh, The Bouncing Souls
2. Life in General, MxPx
3. Kids in Love, The Mowglis
4. Ocean Avenue, Yellowcard
5. The Everglow, Mae

Today was one of those days where what could go wrong, did go wrong. Literally from start to finish.
Any tips for feeling less shitty after a day like this?

If there is any topic that deserves tons of nuance it's discussions around abortion. To me any black and white argument is disrespectful to the woman and unborn.

Saw this on Twitter. Amazing.

"The sloppy wet crowd are now all exvangelicals while their unforeseen peers are expecting their third child and selling essential oils."

There aren't too many better feelings for me than actually starting to play well in my adult league soccer games. Been 10 years since I played college ball, so getting a decent string of games where I play up to my own personal standards feels magical.

Just venting 

Ugh. On a terrible streak right now. Feeling super incompetent at work. And as a 3, that just sucks so much confidence out of my psyche. I think it's because I'm stretched a bit thin at the moment, but I just need to take my time and be more careful. But then I feel rushed because I'm behind. Plus, when I lose my confidence and value I gain from work it totally affects my overall demeanor towards the people closest to me. Ugh

Great thread on the complexities surrounding the attacks in Sri Lanka today. Just so heartbreaking...

Just one of those days. What can go wrong will go wrong.

Finally finished The OA Season 2 and it was just so amazing. Admittedly, I laugh at the movements but overall the show is *insert inadequate adjective*

There is a very big difference between doing things that are uncomfortable and doing things that are unhealthy. I feel like we conflate those two things often. I don't "feel" like getting up = self care. But often it's just laziness and does a disservice to actual self care. Doing uncomfortable things is extremely valuable imo. And many times, eventually they become comfortable and add significant value to life.

Hey ATL peeps. There's a really cool community called Atlanta Becoming check it at
This Sunday night Nyasha Junior will be the guest talking race, religion, gender & her latest book, Womanist Biblical Interpretation. Shes soooo good. Great follow on Twitter too @NyashaJunior

Back to the States. 10 days, 4 countries, 7 cities, 5 soccer clubs, 2 live matches. Unforgettable. But also, I need a nap.

Mourning for our Muslim brethren today... So tragic...

Coffee snobs! This café pequeño is exquisite. I'm at this tiny café in Malaga and life is good. (Way better than that holding cell😂)

Atlanta-> London-> Malaga-> Gelsenkirchen-> Verona-> Atlanta ✌️ So excited!

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