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I have no clue what my enneagram bin is but I’m a multi-class chaotic good straight white cis male human Pisces first-born prophet INFJ if that helps

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Hello everyone! I’m five years out of church, unable to take it seriously anymore, but missing the fact of community and not exactly stoked about the disenchanted life either. Have been on/off listener to L-ist podcast for a long time.

Married a Canadian, have 2 small kids, enjoy handcrafting websites, programming, & publishing little books.

I also built my own house here in Minnesota, took me three years. I can maybe help with home maintenance-y Qs?

The wedding is in Glencoe, Minnesota which apparently was the subject of a 1985 documentary called “God’s Country” by French filmmaker Louis Malle (This fact did *not* come to me courtesy of anyone connected to the wedding)

Going to a wedding today for a guy from the indie fundie baptist church we used to go to five years ago. Gonna see a lot of folks we haven’t seen in a looong time lol. Should be wild

“Chase Bank forgives all credit card debt for Canadian customers”

Now do it again for everybody.

I guarantee you that in the irradiated hellscape of the Blade Runner future where the atomized 99% subsist on bugs and porn, the Dow Jones is at roughly 500,000

Here’s my extremely dumb thought for the day. Josh Harris, freshly out as a deconstructing person, also started a marketing company last year that does brand strategy for nonprofits. He should put Science Mike on retainer.

Great 2-part old (pre-Trump!) essay on the old "Procter and Gamble is Satanist" rumor and why you can't fight a bad-faith myth with reasoned debate.

josh Harris 

Sure sex is great but have you ever finally taken a screwdriver and an alan wrench and tightened every single doorknob, towel rod and toilet paper holder in your entire domicile?

A very nice “thread” by Robin Sloan, on a made-up social network:

This is a pretty great Liturgistic essay looking back at childlike faith across a gulf of unbelief and time

potential blasphemy 

Hey Salt Lake City, I’m on your trains and in your dorms!

‘Good Omens’ criticism (no spoilers) 

Was reminded today of a thing I used to do (or envision myself doing) called “wrestling with the text” 😂 can you imagine

By this point, aint no way around organizing and civil disobedience, people.

Found out last night that my bank (USBank) has a multimillion $ contract with ICE to provide “fee collection services” whatever the fuck that means, so now I need to find a new bank for the first time in 25 years.

jen hatmaker criticism 

20,000 Christians petition Netflix to cancel Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's Good Omens series, not realizing it's made by Amazon.

I saw Con Air, the most ridiculous movie ever. So many questions

Think of it this way, everyone you meet or hear of is actually you, replaying the game with different settings and starting conditions

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