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I have no clue what my enneagram bin is but I’m a multi-class chaotic good straight white cis male human Pisces first-born prophet INFJ if that helps

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Hello everyone! I’m five years out of church, unable to take it seriously anymore, but missing the fact of community and not exactly stoked about the disenchanted life either. Have been on/off listener to L-ist podcast for a long time.

Married a Canadian, have 2 small kids, enjoy handcrafting websites, programming, & publishing little books.

I also built my own house here in Minnesota, took me three years. I can maybe help with home maintenance-y Qs?

20,000 Christians petition Netflix to cancel Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's Good Omens series, not realizing it's made by Amazon.

I saw Con Air, the most ridiculous movie ever. So many questions

Think of it this way, everyone you meet or hear of is actually you, replaying the game with different settings and starting conditions

Think about the lyrics to “I’m Not Ashamed” or “Going Public”…it’s all about the question of are you skulking around or are you loud and proud? Carmen’s “Our Turn Now” another one.

Still not sure if this is weaksauce or something to be take an example from. Probably a stronger example of movement music than anything recent. secular or left, that I can think of.

Thing that always hits me those one or two times a year when I pull up old Newsboys albums on Spotify: how generically, boringly sports-teamy was late 90s Christianity? Proselytizing had zero ideological content, it was all about simply labeling yourself as being on the Jesus team. All we needed for the church to be victorious was for the Jesus team to be un-ignorably numerous and visible.

Early on, I was someone you might have pegged as headed for “ministry work”. (It was once my tentative goal to be a translator for Wycliffe, for example.) Today I am grateful that I never got to the point of making my paycheck conditional on my beliefs.

Made a pitcher of iced coffeee concentrate using this process from an old blog post (not mine)

@mike hope you're doing well. Thanks for the public update and for all you do and are. No need to respond. Maybe try playing Stardew Valley during your forced rest. 💚


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My pleasure to announce the Humans of New York book is now part of the canon.

liturgists MN meetup 

I stayed in a fundie Baptist church for a good long while after I stopped agreeing with almost everything said there, under the notion that it was better for me to be in a bubble with people I disagree with than in a bubble with people I agree with. Ended up picking option C though, in a bubble with no people in it.

Anyone out there ever go to a thing despite dreading it and were super glad you did?

A few months ago (around when I joined this instance actually) I was feeling all adventurous and signed up for a July programming conference (my first ever) in Salt Lake City. Now my pendulum is swinging the other direction, I doubt it will be any good, I’m thinking about getting a refund and also never doing any meetups ever.

It is now possible, with almost no prior know-how, to collaborate with a computer to write decent prose poetry. (The bold part was typed by me, the computer responded with the rest)

My many and varied Activities, together with the Fatigues that follow them, have largely displaced for me any speculations of Identity or spirituality — luxuries I frequently indulge when more idle than at Present.

(To the tune of “morning has broken”) BEDTIME HAS STAARR-TED…

Get a strong when-worlds-collide vibe when I see toots from "neighbors" on my local Minneapolis instance boosted here.

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