Hello everyone! I’m five years out of church, unable to take it seriously anymore, but missing the fact of community and not exactly stoked about the disenchanted life either. Have been on/off listener to L-ist podcast for a long time.

Married a Canadian, have 2 small kids, enjoy handcrafting websites, programming, & publishing little books.

I also built my own house here in Minnesota, took me three years. I can maybe help with home maintenance-y Qs?

@joeld DUDE! We have a lot of similar interests :D I'm a huge ansible fan, I enjoyed checking out your roles!

@hagridaaron thanks! the roles are overdue for an update 😋 been trying to wedge ansible into work stuff too, things are very, uh, old school at my job.

@joeld I totally get that, at my last job we had no automation or configuration management. I started building ansible roles for larger needs and deployments, but I think if it doesn't come from the top it's hard to implement. What kind of shop is it?

@hagridaaron I don't want to be too public about it, but in general our platforms are mainly from the 1980s and 90s. It's very interesting. Planning for upcoming big changes is going to be fun, I’ll put it that way.

@joeld totally understand the no-technical business on the public web stuff. The mouse gets super grumpy about that from us.

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