I have no clue what my enneagram bin is but I’m a multi-class chaotic good straight white cis male human Pisces first-born prophet INFJ if that helps

Update, my wife says I’m a five

Maybe she means out of ten tho

Emerging from my mind palace to give this update

I’m totally a five

@joeld sounds like a Four to me lol but Enneagram mostly works by self-identifying so don’t listen to me if you’re actually interested

@mattwiebe I might look into it at some point but the numeric labels feel kind of bland and antiseptic. I don’t even care for astrology but at least the zodiac has evocative symbolism you know?

@joeld @mattwiebe I mean, you do have just one main number. But you also have 1-2 wings, an integration point, a disintegration point, a subtype, and two tri-types.

It just depends on how deep you want to go

@tommyschnabel @mattwiebe I look at that as being similar to how you can keep adding decimal precision to a statistic, long past the point where it carries any additional useful information

@joeld @mattwiebe yeah that's a good way to look at it. I have a friend that really didn't like the enneagram because he didn't want to get put in a box. Then he learned how deep it can go... he's really into it now lol

@joeld I totally thought I was a 9, and then absolutely a 5, I think I could grow into becoming a 4, I’m open to all the possibilities though. The more I explore the greater the numbers I become.

@joeld Welcome to the club, we're known for extraordinary feats of intellect and poor personal hygiene.

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