@mike @mastohost Keybase has always been terrible at keeping documentation up to date (or even writing it in the first place).

The link @mike gave is the one they link in their blog post about Keybase integration: Apparently as part of the process each instance admin needs to reach out to a particular Keybase user (presumably a staff member) to get added?!

@joeld @mike @mastohost Also, they mention that they're not interested in adding small sites, only the big ones with lots of users. To which I call foul.

@dl @mike @mastohost I questioned the whole approach at the time. They will let you verify yourself as being connected any website you own, no matter how tiny it is. But they want to whitelist mastodon instances? When the whole point of mastodon is that there be many small sites talking to each other? I do not get it.

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