A few months ago (around when I joined this instance actually) I was feeling all adventurous and signed up for a July programming conference (my first ever) in Salt Lake City. Now my pendulum is swinging the other direction, I doubt it will be any good, I’m thinking about getting a refund and also never doing any meetups ever.

@joeld what are the topics? I'm a software engineer so I might be able to tell you if it's worth while or not

@lezorte My concern isn’t about the topics, which I’m interested in (though of limited professional application), but about the efficacy of interest-based meatspace meetups in general for me personally, especially expensive out-of-town ones. My gut feeling is that I’ll have an OK time but come back socially exhausted and maybe wish I’d spent my clams some other way.

@joeld Totally understand. I've found that I did my best learning online on sites like YouTube, Code Academy, and Pluralsight. Meetups are great for when you already have the skills and just want to network and learn about niche industries

@lezorte exactly, I’m an autodidact too. I just don’t do networking though. A successful meetup for me is clicking with one person who I stay in regular contact with for the next twenty years to life. Which just doesn’t happen (and that’s ok because I only need one or two of them per, say, decade) And this conference is about more niche theoretical stuff (language-oriented programming) for which there are zero “jobs” or “industries”, just a bunch of academics and hobbyists.

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