Thing that always hits me those one or two times a year when I pull up old Newsboys albums on Spotify: how generically, boringly sports-teamy was late 90s Christianity? Proselytizing had zero ideological content, it was all about simply labeling yourself as being on the Jesus team. All we needed for the church to be victorious was for the Jesus team to be un-ignorably numerous and visible.


Think about the lyrics to “I’m Not Ashamed” or “Going Public”…it’s all about the question of are you skulking around or are you loud and proud? Carmen’s “Our Turn Now” another one.

Still not sure if this is weaksauce or something to be take an example from. Probably a stronger example of movement music than anything recent. secular or left, that I can think of.

@joeld Ironic that so many of those songs were calls to not be ashamed of the Gospel.

I take the Gospel more seriously now than I ever have and am not the lest bit ashamed of it.

I AM, however, ashamed of most of the Christian Church now and refuse to be associated with it.


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