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‘Good Omens’ criticism (no spoilers) 

‘Good Omens’ criticism (no spoilers) 

movie deconstruction 

I’m bored, conversation starter? 

I’m bored, conversation starter? 

re: I’m bored, conversation starter? 

@sven so much of Xtian spiritual practice centers around “imagining something really super hard”, and metaphors that have no substance. I'd hear sermons were the pastor is like “in WW2 they'd bomb the planes before they could take off, that's what you have to do with sin, you have to drop a bomb on it” and we'd all nod as if that meant anything at all!!

Was reminded today of a thing I used to do (or envision myself doing) called “wrestling with the text” 😂 can you imagine

By this point, aint no way around organizing and civil disobedience, people.

jen hatmaker criticism 

Found out last night that my bank (USBank) has a multimillion $ contract with ICE to provide “fee collection services” whatever the fuck that means, so now I need to find a new bank for the first time in 25 years.

jen hatmaker criticism 

20,000 Christians petition Netflix to cancel Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's Good Omens series, not realizing it's made by Amazon.


@DevSorrell “let’s give Nic Cage the worst dialect coach we can possibly find”

I saw Con Air, the most ridiculous movie ever. So many questions

@[email protected] I requested to follow as I enjoy your toots, but totally understand if you decline.

@Katiecooperlawton probably not quite the same situation. But we tried to accommodate my narcissistic mother in law for years, and we are officially done. We put ourselves through a huge amount of garbage with her, just to prove to ourselves we weren’t mean and selfish, which if we’d thought about it we would have known already.

@shaggy I think we’re on the same wavelength. More important than our will is our desires. We have them and will act on them whether we believe in free will or not. I get that determinism is kind of a buzzkill, but it’s important to then step back and ask yourself, what are all the things *I* want *right now*?

more thoughts on this subject: thelocalyarn.com/article/choos

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