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Liturgists probably would find this 2010 segment from This American Life interesting:

💽 My Own Private U.F.O.

A lapsed Mormon struggling with her faith talks with a man who witnessed a famous UFO abduction

“Neurons Gone Wild’ —

“I don't know how much of what I'm about to say is true. All I know is that it's damn interesting.

“Today we court madness from the bedrock of science. Today we will face addictions and compulsions, alter-egos and imaginary friends, angelic voices and demonic possessions, even exorcisms. And we will attempt to ground these madnesses, one and all, in a unified, sane, materialist framework.

“We will begin, naturally, with the neuron.”

Once every year or two, I will still spin up Newsboys “Going Public” album.

One thing I’ve hung onto long after deconstruction is shape note (“sacred harp”) hymn singing. It’s a nearly lost American Xtian tradition: wild, mercifully untamed and unpolished, fully accepting of grief and mortality, beautiful, designed to bring in the poor, and even in many ways very egalitarian.

I’m revamping my blog, and this is just a temporary page from the very in-progress stage it’s at right now. But here is a lightly re-edited version of a tumblr post I made about 8 years ago, that Liturgists people might appreciate*.

📝Jillette’s Wipeout Test

* — either for what’s in it or just as an example of mid-deconstruction Joel

I say “fabricated” & “magic” because, like the enneagram et. al., the thing itself is just a description of a concept condensed out of thin air as an elaborate guess, a hypothesis. It’s a productive model, not disprovable and there’s no supporting data other than the number of people for whom it feels accurate.

If you like fabricated magically-explanatory paradigms and maybe would like a change of flavor from the Enneagram, try the Snowflake/Clod paradigm by Venkatesh Rao

Siblings posting dressed up Easter family photos. Man, that is a social expectation that I am wholly out of tune with.

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Imposter syndrome is the uneasy feeling you get when you are put in front of a real audience and begin to suspect that all your previous ones were purely masturbatory and that they haven’t prepared you to satisfy a real one.

Further: garden-variety dudebro podcasts, most social media (!), most blogging, and much of what takes place in a Sunday church service, may be thought of as examples of “having-an-audience masturbation”. (Which is fine! gotta meet your needs somehow)

Like sex, like friendship, having an audience—people around you that are genuinely interested in your ideas or talents—is one of those things that straddles the line between a luxury and a need. Not easy for everyone to come by! But so needed! Judge by how often people settle for simulations of an audience, or delude themselves into including people in it who would rather not be!

Hilarious, from today’s “Shatner Chatner” email newsletter (by Daniel Mallory Ortberg of The Toast fame)

“The Life Of Christ, As Told By That Scene From Moonstruck Where Nic Cage Tells Chrissy To Bring Him The Big Knife”

Notre Dame, glass half empty 

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CROWDFUND IDEA: hire the elderly woman that repainted that fresco of Jesus to rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral.

These past couple of days I’ve been going through my old tumblr blog, which I started 10 years ago, culling it for quotes and things to migrate over to my new website. It’s amazing to see evidence of myself transitioning from a partisan evangelical conservative to a squishy lefty agnostic.

( if you are curious)

It is snowing so hard outside right now and I am upset about it.

Emerging from my mind palace to give this update

I’m totally a five

My Canadian father in law gave my wife a “Jeb!” campaign hoodie from 2016, it is the coziest thing ever, I wear it every Saturday(I’m actually wearing it in my profile pic) but I just got sent on a McDonald’s run and changed out of it because I’m not ready to experience persecution

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