I would like someone to give their take or identify some resources that I might read further on. It sounds right, but I would like to unpack it a bit more. The quote is from the Liturgists episode - Shame (18:35-19:04) during a
Hillary McBride monologue. 1/2.

"The idea of the self is a construction. ***It's actually a construction based on patriarchal constructs of existence and on colonization, and actually the idea that we are individual, that we are something separate from the other is quite a fragmented and unhealthy view of what it means to be human***. And so an understanding that the identity that we carry is a actually a reflection of the relationships that we hold, it's through that lens that we can start to understand shame." 2/2.

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@john_ormerod Brené Brown is the scholar credited with identifying the complex interactions between shame and patriarchy. and are two valuable resources to enter her grounded theory research.

@john_ormerod I really enjoy Prof. Peter Adamson's podcast and books "The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps" and companion Indian and African philosophy recordings. The differences in Western and Eastern philosophical traditions also speak to many elements of the quote you shared. You might start with Ep. 19 of the Africana series, "Behind the Mask: African Philosophy of the Person." I just listen each week, but there are endless lists of references at his web site

@andy12 Wow, that sounds like a great reference. Will certainly start listening.

@john_ormerod Id point you to the THIS podcast by @vishnu, and to the book Sapiens. Both will give you some great info on humans - one from a spiritual Oneness standpoint and one from an anthropological standpoint. To sum up - humans exist best within community & thrive on a shared collective narrative, which can be helpful or harmful. If we all buy into it, that narrative shapes society. We are all made of the same stuff and are one. But our current narrative tells us a different story.

@DanDrake @vishnu Thanks, recently bought Sapiens but have not read it. Will do so.

@DanDrake @john_ormerod @vishnu
The "We Stories" episode of THIS kind of blew my mind, because it gave words to some of the feelings I've had on the conception of the self and the idea of the individual.

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