We can never set aside our humanity, Jesus showed me this.

I have hit my head 3 times already this morning. Its 9 am. I am not discouraged and I will not be deterred. The universe is for us and not against us. OUR trajectory is good!

Holy crap. Are we in people's lives or what? Good friend of mine once said, you can't not not affect people.

Bless me I have sinned. I was on FB and nearly engaged. Good thing my shepherd cares about the one among the 99, otherwise I might have been lead astray.
Yeah tho I troll thru the valley of FB doomsayers I will fear no evil. But i will run away, far away.

Metaphorically thought I've been on the journey of Odysseus ended up in FLA with my best friend and from this point forward I shall be called Icarus.
Note to self, sunscreen on the face tomorrow

What if your God had only one power?
Like to be. Just as we are only to be. Would your life have more value

Alot of the time when I type God I actually type gob and for some reason I laugh every time.

I'm living a double life. I just posted this to my non friends on the ig. I feel better telling you all. "Here comes trouble"

Evening out the rumpled week. Sometimes life is like a "washing machine", I know that term ages me.

Hey @WilliamMatt22 so I'm at my desk at work completely stopped. I placed your full album in the que and it stopped me. U called it a masterpiece. Not sure where exactly takes me or what my response is except a softening , a pause awe and hope. This is good work you have done here. You are a mastersurgeon of the heart or maybe just mine.

So remember 2wks ago when I said I was going to update my CV...ya finally did it. Not looking for a pat on the back just recognizing how anticlimactic the task was. But as Emily P Freeman says, just do the next right thing, that being done and instead of waiting for the Narnia wardrobe to present itself to me, I should probably go and and walk the dog.

So its Saturday and I gotta redo my CV. No I didn't get fired for skipping work this week bc of "snowstorm". I just know this is my "Next Right Thing" ala Emily P Freeman. I'm really excited...like that time when Noah realizes he is the problem in everyone else's life and he says, ya you should probably just kill me now.

Sorry Mr Slate, I cant make it into work today on account of the weather...but my phone is on...silent.

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