I want my tombstone to read,
"and I think it was partly about sex?" -Jordan Kalt

@jordanmathis lol you do! It was just the idea that, looking back on life, one could be like, "well, I'm not sure I understood all of that but it seemed like it had something to do with sex."


@jkalt I have thought about this a lot in the past and I agree! I'm interested in gender inequality and it seems to all start changing around adolescence. For the most part, it seems like the adolescents start doing anything they can to get a mate, even if it means abandoning their true interests to look "attractive" to others. This keeps going until they're too old to really change their life trajectories and then they're stuck in unfulfilling gender roles.

Sex is a very important motivator.

@jordanmathis that was really well said! Damn. I'm not sure I have anything to add, lol, just applauding you.

Do you think people who feel like they're stuck in unfulfilling roles should try to shake out of them? This seems to be a primary motivator in humanity's art, but are we fooling ourselves?

@jkalt hey, thanks! 😊

If they're unfulfilling, then absolutely! But there's so much that goes into it socially, physically, and emotionally. If a stay-at-home is not unfulfilled in her role, then why mess with a good thing? But if she is like me and suffered crippling depression, then she should probably shake it off as much as possible. That's a super obvious example, but it goes very deep. Baby boys and girls are talked to and handled differently from birth, making them grow up

@jkalt with different preferences and ideas completely. So with career/academic interest disparities among genders, it would be hard to just "shake that off" because then it looks like we're trying to make people do things "they don't want". Because they have been "trained" to like those things and not like other things.

Just simply put, I don't think biology is destiny. But eschewing our "roles" can be costly socially.

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