What is your "area of expertise", fellow 5's?! Or what have you been researching lately?

@jordanmathis Lately: Hare Krishna racketeering, J*lian Ass*nge, plant-based nutrition, the WWII activities of the cast of Hogan’s Heroes. General expertise, current/ongoing: serial killers, cults, cons, custom van buildouts, the lesser known movies of Bette Davis. lol I love this question.

@sara_z that’s awesome! Such a wide variety. 😂 do you have a 4 wing or a 6 wing?!

@sara_z @jordanmathis on plant based nutrition I found this wonderful paper comparing the home cooked meal, canned food meal and the raw food meal. The canned food meal had the greater nutritional response in all areas.
I’ll post the link if I find it.

@jordanmathis Reading/Researching: Hindu scriptures, quantum mechanics, surveillance capitalism.

Current projects: Free, open-source, cross-platform password generator, with an interactive explanation on calculating how "crackable" it is.

@silas 👏🏼👏🏼 What do you like about Hindu scriptures so far?

@jordanmathis I've read the Bhagavad Gita, and a bit of the Dhammapada thus far.

The former is absolutely fascinating for its philosophical insights! It's as if they already knew all of matter is made of the same types of particles.

The latter is like the Old Testament's Psalms and Proverbs, except much more straightforward. Beautiful moral teachings.

I'm excited to dive into the Upanishads next.

@silas Nice! I'm gonna have to read some of it. I have some past bad blood with Hinduism that I'm trying to work through 😂 So reading the Gita would be a good place to start.

@layton I hadn't heard of this before...but I just spent the past hour watching Youtube videos about it. It's super intriguing.

@jordanmathis Are of Expertise: dance, film, and literature... current research: autism mostly, just read several books, but also Phoebe Waller-Bridge and every piece of art she has ever created, data science, and bras... so really all over the place these days haha

@jnclausen 😂 👏🏼 I love all of that. What’s your favorite type of literature?

@jordanmathis The kind that's well-written haha! Mostly realistic fiction, but I love a good fantasy. Pretty much anything written by a sassy British woman is my favorite.

@jnclausen I can see how “sassy British women” could be a category all their own. 😂

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