Any Liturgists meetup groups in the Houston or South Texas area? Would love to join if there are some.

@jordanmims - Hey, Jordan. If you'll take the initiative to set one up and share it on social media, people will likely show up. My wife and I have scheduled two so far, and had one person come to each. Tomorrow we'll have our third gathering, and it looks like we'll have 3-5 people showing up. There have been others who have wanted to come to each gathering, but couldn't due to conflicts. People want to meet - it just takes someone who's willing to host.

@peter thanks for the suggestion. I'm thinking that might just be the way it gets going.

@jordanmims Yeah, that's how it's been for us. There were a couple of other meet-ups in the Atlanta area, but because of time and traffic, we weren't able to go. So we decided to go ahead and start some on our own. We've met a couple of really cool people so far, and are looking forward to meeting more. :)

@jordanmims - Just read your introduction. Wish we lived closer, because it sounds like we're in a similar place spiritually.

@peter yeah, I think we are. I’m actually a GA native, grew up in Augusta. I’m in Atlanta every now and then on the way to visit family.

@jordanmims Let me know next time you’re in the area. It would be fun to get together. 🙂

@jordanmims there is a group in Houston that gets together sometimes. The Facebook group is Together Houston, meetups usually cross posted on MN, not sure what we're doing for local connection communication now that we're missing towards mastadon.

@Jennyboo apparently @jennifersiler has setup a Houston meetup on the 23rd if you’re interested! I’m gonna try to make it myself.

@jordanmims Hi Jordan! I usually put together the Houston meetups. We have one coming up at the end of the month on the 23rd. I'll be setting up the event details soon!

@jordanmims Just set it up - February 23rd at 6:00 at Leeland House. Hope to see you there! Our last meetup had 12 people or so, and it was wonderful.

@jennifersiler I would love to make it. I’m actually about 2.5 hrs south of Houston, but I have family in Houston, so my family is up there often. I’ll try my best to make it if possible! Thanks for the info!

@jordanmims There are a bunch of us in Houston! Jen is pretty great about setting things up. Hope to see you on the 23rd!

@jordanmims any of y'all going to The Brilliance/gungor show at the end of the month?

I'm from Lake Casino [charles], LA

@Hiatus I hope to be at the one in Houston. It’s the easiest and closest one for me to make.

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