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For years I used my computer without any speakers, literally browsing "deaf"; this has meant that I had no knowledge of auto play content, especially adverts until recently when I started plugging my headphones into my computer.

Some places on the internet are hella noisy!

Hey yall. Last summer I volunteered with an NGO that helps provide education for Syrian refugees in Lebanon. For a myriad of reasons they were not able to be paid for one month. Fayyad was the teacher I worked with those four months is also part of the refugee community that we were serving. We're trying to crowdfund that month's back pay. There's a drop down at the bottom of the page if it doesn't load in English


If you're in a position to help, that'd be cool. Thanks

native working in the education field

Went to seminary to become a missionary but happened and just riding the wave since

Got mad love for the community as yall make me feel like i aint going too crazy

Been told im an enneagram 9 and mbti usually comes up INTP

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