I’ve been pretty open about my life on here because I feel pretty comfortable. I thought it would be interesting for some to share a picture of my guru to others. I became intrigued with Hinduism through Ram Dass and it was ultimately him and some folks who are in his circle that led me to Babaji. I remember the first time I saw a picture of Ram Dass’ guru. I saw love in his eyes. With babaji, I experience that as well. He’s in India, but I’m blessed to know him over the web.

@AndrewBrooks he’s a very beautiful being. He ran away from home at the age of 8 and lived in the Jungle ever since. He prayed to Rama and asked for food and said that he knew that Rama would provide and the rest is history. He’s got the most beautiful spirit I’ve ever seen.

@justincalebbryant I’ve heard about him before! So glad I know what he looks like now ❤️

@AndrewBrooks if you haven’t, listen to some talks from Ram Dass and Krishna Das. They both talk about amazing stories with Maharaji. In their talks, they seem to always point to him which is quite breathtaking when you piece all of the first hand stories with each other.

@justincalebbryant the stories are amazing and seamingly endless.. I have Miracle of Love. I was reading it a lot when I first moved to where I’m living now. A risky venture. I was living out of my car and then the studio for a while. One day, I woke up from a nap and was led by one synchronicity after the next and it was precious and playful and very personally affirming. I’d like to write it out properly at some point to do it justice. But.. it felt like Maharaji was behind the whole thing 🙂

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