Autistic friends,
I’ve been doing a lot of research on the correlation on marijuana and hemp consumption and its benefits in relation to ASD. I’ve been using CBD and I notice that it helps me a lot, but I was curious if other folks have the same response. In my state, THC is illegal so I haven’t tried marijuana. I’m curious if anyone has experience or input with this topic.


@Laura_I CBD helps me have less frequent anxiety. If I feel like I’m having a sensory overload, I’ll take a hit of the wax pen I have and I feel relaxed. It’s hard to explain, but if I smoke, Vape, or take it orally, I’m less likely to have a breakdown under any pressure. My job is fast paced and high stress, and it’s helped me a lot with keeping calm when I’m being yelled at or cussed out by customers.

drug mention, autism 

@justincalebbryant I don't know much about cannabis + autism, but I would point out that there has been research that indicates that autistic people's brains are MORE different from each other than NT brains are. Cannabis already affects different NTs quite differently sometimes, especially in terms of sensitivity - so it's effects on autistic people will likely be *highly* individualised.

For me, occasional use is good as a mindfulness drug (indicas slowing down my racing brain and letting me examine one thought before moving on to the next) or a social drug (I get energized and chatty with a good sativa)

Too much/too frequently and everything starts taking spoons I don't have, so make sure to take regular breaks

@jex_thot I understand that. I haven’t used THC in roughly 6 years. I’ve completely forgotten how it feels. I also wasn’t mindful of my autism at the time.

On the other side of deconstruction and accepting my autism diagnosis, I am very interested in drugs and their effects on the brain. I highly respect marijuana as a spiritual practice, but I understand that we shouldn’t consume it constantly. I’m really glad that others see that as well!

I use CBP for pain management and love it; THC on the other hand is such a mixed bag. I'm super sensitive to it and it mostly makes everything worse (pain, anxiety, perseveration, negative thoughts, etc.).

I've been using more for social reasons and it's been hard. I need microdoses, which are thankfully available to me.

THC really isn't my choice drug, lol. Indica is okay sometimes but there's no such thing as strain purity, so... mixed bag.

Meanwhile, my partner is also autistic and uses CBP and THC for a lot of self-treatment. I think their experience with it is wildly different than mine.

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