I just recorded the first two episodes for the podcast I’m creating. I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve spent a lot of time learning and setting things up so that way it’ll be perfect. Hours have gone into making music, plotting out its theme, and learning how to actually edit a show before I ever came to this point here. I’m pretty stoked!

@DStre not yet! My hope is to get everything loosely ready for Fall. I’m shooting for the first week of the Equinox!

@justincalebbryant Great, I'll definitely check it out! Btw, what other hardcore bands do you like?

@DStre Being As An Ocean, Underoath, Bring Me The Horizon, Knocked Loose, Kublai Khan, Sharptooth, and so much more.

@justincalebbryant I love Being As An Ocean so much! Underoath and BMTH too (the older stuff). Do you like Oh, Sleeper and Invent Animate? I know there are way too many bands to mention 😆

@justincalebbryant Sounds exciting! Mind sending me a link when the episodes are up? I’d be happy to listen :)

@zachallann absolutely! My planned launch is set loosely for fall. I’m hoping I can hit it the week of the equinox!

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