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Authoritarianism, Homophobia, Evangelicalism 

I just left a lunch date with a friend of mine from my old church. We spent a long time talking about LGBTQ issues, why I believe being gay isn’t a sin, and how he thinks I’m called to the church. It’s hard to talk to folks who are stuck under authoritarian structures and believe they chose to not be gay. I felt like it was fruitful because he really grasped some esoteric ideas I was saying. I’m just struck by some of his words...

I’m playing Kingdom Hearts 3 and I’m watching Elsa sing “Let it Go”. She said “I’m one with the wind and sky” and I really felt that.

I got in a rap battle with two drunk dudes at my apartment while the wife is out of town and it’s what I’m living for right now 😂

(2/2) When I heard @mike speak of his Autism I began to realize how I go through the same things. The doctors told me that my autism was mild, and most people wouldn’t know. I’ve just been viewed as “quirky” or “weird in a fun way”. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have a community here that embraces everyone as they are. We learn, we grow, and we talk to each other in ways I don’t get anywhere else. I’m very thankful for all the folks who make the Liturgists. ❤️

(1/2) When I was a child, I was diagnosed with Autism. I spent my whole life denying it. When I stopped clinging to the label of “Christian”, I began accepting that I was on the spectrum. I haven’t seen a therapist since I was 12 surrounding any brain stuff, but it makes me feel comfort knowing that I see so many people talking about their experiences navigating life with autism. I’m learning a lot more about how my life is ok with the stories of others who express their life. Thank you ❤️

I’ve come to realize that in life all I really need is my breath.

Before social media, TV, books, and all other means of entertainment, what else did we have than the very breath that is the essence of life itself? Breath is spirit. Breath is the give and take in the interconnected relationship of ourselves and nature. Breath is the divine moving. It’s all we need in this moment.

Just so everyone is aware, Ram Dass is officially on Spotify now with some spacey Truths. Highly recommend checking him out

« Victories give birth to hate;
The defeated sleep in anguish.
Giving up both victory and defeat,
Those who have attained peace sleep happily. »

- Gautama Buddha, Dhammapada 201

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The video in the link is what made me realize that Babaji was connected with me. Hearing Krishna Das sing with everyone and seeing Baba interact with people changed me in ways I couldn’t even describe. I hadn’t had a crazy “God” experience like that since I was a Pentecostal minister. I hope that everyone enjoys.

This is Neem Karoli Baba, or as his followers called him- Maharaji. He’s Ram Dass’ guru. My guru, Babaji, follows him. In the Upanishads, one of the writers describes God, Guru, and Self as one thing. While Guru can be in a body, it’s not limited to that just as Christ isn’t limited to the body of Jesus. Guru is in the trees, wind, mushrooms, clouds, birds, and breath.

I wanted to share this with some folks who may be trying to reconstruct and who share a curiosity for what may be out there.

I’ve been pretty open about my life on here because I feel pretty comfortable. I thought it would be interesting for some to share a picture of my guru to others. I became intrigued with Hinduism through Ram Dass and it was ultimately him and some folks who are in his circle that led me to Babaji. I remember the first time I saw a picture of Ram Dass’ guru. I saw love in his eyes. With babaji, I experience that as well. He’s in India, but I’m blessed to know him over the web.

“There is only this now. It does not come from anywhere; it is not going anywhere. It is not permanent, but it is not impermanent. Though moving, it is always still. When we try to catch it, it seems to run away, and yet it is always here and there is no escape from it. And when we turn around to find the self which knows this moment, we find that it has vanished like the past.” ~ Alan Watts

Andrew Newberg, The Story of God (Netflix) 

I was watching “The Story of God” on Netflix and they brought on Andrew Newberg to explain the experience of God within Morgan Freeman’s brain. I’m not gonna lie, when I saw his face before they announced his name I screamed “ANDREW FUCKING NEWBERG” and felt a sense of gratitude for @mike. If it wasn’t for Mike, I’d be clueless in the world of brains. For that, thanks MIKE FUCKING MCHARGUE for everything you do!

I had to have a difficult conversation today with my boss. I’m vegetarian due to both religious reasons and because of situation with climate change. He was kinda picking on me for not being a southern male who eats meat, and I gave him the facts. He attacked a particular person on congress for their stance on it all, so I sent him an enormous amount of facts and stated what needs to be done and why it matters. It was a tough talk, but I really hope he can understand how fucked we are.

@vishnu I really enjoyed Buddhism pt 3. I find a lot of what you two were talking about to reflect a lot of what I’ve learned through listening to Ram Dass teach. I’ve recently become friends with one of the people who work for the Be Here Now network and a lot of the conversations that we’ve had have been very similar to the pt 3 episode. I’m just stumped by one thing: God. The Lama I was studying under said “no god”, but you talked about God openly. Am I missing something in Buddhism?

I’d like as much feedback as possible with this. I’m thinking about the entire movement and while deconstructing the idea of exvangelicalism, it seems odd to remove something from the story that creates a person. You can’t not be you. It seems like it would make more sense to be there in the story with evangelicalism and acknowledge that I, you, and we have come out on the other side of it. Postevangelical makes more sense. It honors the story of us.

@vishnu @mike
I had the honor of spending the evening with Bushi at his place tonight. I thought you guys would like to know that he is as beautiful a soul in person as you would expect.

Stopping by Taco Bell before trying this bud. 😂 I’m excited because I’ve been using CBD oil with no trace of THC at all. I came to find out that this pack actually has small traces. I had to stop by my parents house to show my dad. He was intrigued as much as I am.

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