Joined this curious community as a patron of . Riding the winds of change and curiously redefining all things spiritual, relational, professional, and creative. Seeking avenues in which freedom and mutual acceptance are abundant. I hold most things loosely, and equally enjoy the absurdity of dark truths and playful laughter. 😘

Hi! It's been an interesting month or so for me here. Hope you enjoy it and find the conversations useful.

@tmorizot thank you for the warm welcome! What have you found most useful/beneficial over your past month here?

@kaitlin Me, personally? I've found enough support on both this instance and across the fediverse, in an overall environment that's less toxic than twitter has become, that I've spent more time here even as I try to make make my twitter experience more bearable.

And I think I've even been helpful to a few people working through their own potentially autistic identity and struggles, which is really nice.

The whole instance feels more supportive for everyone, though.

ptsd reference 

@kaitlin I'm among the smaller group of people on this instance who was not already a fan of either The Liturgists or Ask Science Mike podcasts. I was a huge fan of @hillarymcbride podcast, Other People's Problems. The season 1 episodes with Sloane helped all the pieces fall in place for me to recognize the impact of childhood complex trauma/ptsd in my own life.

When I asked my therapist, she was already aware and had been carefully waiting for me to get there.

ptsd reference 

@kaitlin Hillary McBride mentioned somewhere being a cohost of the Liturgists podcast. I remembered seeing and hearing references to that podcast before, but it was in the context of yet two more cisgender straight white guys talking about religion, something that held little interest for me. Hillary being involved immediately altered that mental equation. And information about the podcast as well as @mike were easy to find in multiple places online.

@kaitlin While reading, I found a description by Mike of the mastodon instance he was establishing. I knew about mastodon and the idea had intrigued me, but I wasn't especially interested in (and had heard plenty of negative things about it) and had never heard of an instance that seem aligned at all with me.

When I also saw Mike had recently discovered he was autistic, I thought this one might be okay.

@kaitlin I was intent from the outset in my exploration of the fediverse, especially looking for other neurodivergent people to follow. I happened to look at the federated timeline on our instance the other day and noticed how much overlap it has with my home timeline. Wasn't sure if I ought to apologize.

@kaitlin Since then, I've listened to at least part of every episode of The Liturgists and every episode of Ask Science Mike that included a topic that looked vaguely interesting. That's sort of what I do. Friday I did an immediate reaction to Mike's part of the Fear episode. I found that very powerful.

@kaitlin Since I am trying to both find and offer support, I have been intentionally vulnerable almost from day one, pretty much as soon as I decided it might be safe and was worth the risk involved. You can see that in my pinned threads and in others (like the bullying one) I decided not to pin.

@kaitlin That's probably way more of a response than you expected from your seemingly simple question. Ah well. Hopefully it gives you a feel for how I perceive this place.

@tmorizot Not too long of a response at all - hearing your true experience and honest answer is what I wanted :) Thank you for sharing, for your vulnerability, and so honestly connecting with me!

Thanks! My eldest lives in San Diego. The only time I've been to California was to visit her in 2017. At the time they had a spot for their RV in Oceanside. Been in several places since. Now in the process of moving into a condo in North Park.

@tmorizot San Diego is beautiful ! I’ve only ever lived in Orange County and LA, but all three counties have something special

@kaitlin welcome to the community! I’m from indianapolis, but I’m coming to San Diego in a few weeks for work. I’d love to meet up with more while I’m there!

@mrhurricanefred I would love to make this happen! What dates will you be in San Diego? There’s a good chance we can meet somewhere along the border of San Diego and Orange County - they border each other along coastal areas like San Clemente and Oceanside.

@kaitlin AWESOME! I’ll be there the 19th & 20th. I’m going to be there for a few work meetings, but I’m totally free after 4 every day!

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