I spent so many years learning to trust God that I never allowed the space to trust myself.

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"Dad," she called, "there's a monster under my bed!"
Her father came in and sat on her bed. "What did you hear?"
"It said I'm a failure, and-"
"Oh. That used to live under my bed."
"When did it leave?"
He smiled. "When you said you loved me."
With a hiss, the monster was gone.
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Liturgist friends! Can anyone remember what episodes @vishnu has spoken about 4 stages of *something*. One of the stages is 'waking up'. I know it's from a book that used to be mentioned a lot but now I cannot remember it!

So if anyone can remember the episode / the 4 stages / the book, that would be great!

@mike I don't know if you'd know what I'm talking about too 🤔

Any other patrons having issues with A+R / Meditations etc coming up when using apple podcasts ? Is there another way to sync it to iphone outside of the patreon app?

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Brian Cox:

"What more do you want?

The ingredients in our body were assembled in the hearts of long dead stars over billions of years... and have assembled themselves spontaneously into temporary structures that can think and feel and explore. And those structures will decay away at some point. And in a very far future there will be no structures left. So there we are, we exist in this very little window were we can observe this magnificent universe.

Why do you want any more?"


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A follow request thread for privacy-conscious users 🔐

The only way to keep your posts from becoming publicly visible on the Internet is to post "followers-only." Unfortunately, this limits interaction with other Liturgists to only those who follow you.

If you wish to exchange follows with other Liturgists here, respond with "follow me" to indicate that you wish to be followed and will follow in return.

Boosts welcomed.

Podcast recommendations that aren’t christian focused ?

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“Before the truth sets you free, it will make you miserable” -Richard Rohr

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Guys: “Well you know, there were many people working on those algorithms, it’s not only Katie Bouman work but rather a team effort.”

Also guys: “Elon Musk is sending rockets on Mars, he makes electric cars, he invented tunnels, he’s such a genius, I love him.”

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Notre Dame isn't some confederate statue erected in 1970. This was a world history site. We won't get it back. It's a tragedy, let people grieve. We know the RCC was shit, we know France was shit, but Notre Dame wasn't entirely shit. I'd cry if the Taj Mahal collapsed or if the Hagia Sophia was destroyed, it's not all about religion or the West or whatever you want to make it about. Sometimes it's just about the art and history itself.

All of civilization, all of the things we do on this earth are temporary and mortal and it is painful to admit so. Nothing lasts forever, not even these things that feel like they've been here forever.

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I genuinely believe that an evening of coffee, conversation, and great music with William Matthews and Leon Bridges would be life changing. Anyone want to help me make that happen? 😁

Relearning how to continue friendships that were initially built on shared evangelical beliefs. It feels like more bravery is needed for this endeavour than almost anything I’ve done before.

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We are literally going to get our first ever image of Sagittarius A* (the supermassive black hole at the center of the milky way) tomorrow and I'm so fucking excited to see that blurry image omg

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I started going to therapy recently. It's been so so fucking good. Because of it, I wound up discussing the 10 year old event where my brother came out to my parents and he was threatened with physical violence and forced back into the closet. We've never talked about it. Ever. I called him, with a heavy heart and told him that I love him and that his sexuality is beautiful. We cried so hard that night. So many walls were torn down and so much peace was restored. I am thankful for restoration.

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Meditation this morning.

This is my body in whom I am well pleased.

The acceptance, embracing, and love of all parts of myself has been pivotal in my reconstruction.

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The idea that wisdom comes with age is true, but also misleading. We are all “an age” so we all have some wisdom. To hear someone younger than you say something wise and your first thought is...

“You’re so young. What do you know.”

Is proof that with your years on this earth, has not come wisdom.

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Something I still haven't figured out: how to stop trying to "do better" than my humanity, and to simply, fully live in it.

Honestly, it really is hard to let go of the subconscious narratives evangelicalism gave me.

My humanity is NOT my great weakness.
It is precisely my greatest virtue.

Contraception & Mental Health 

There are other side effects that are making simple things feel like a major effort and inconvenience. I get married in 5 weeks and I want to feel like my full self for that.

I wonder if there are others with similar experiences? Not just with contraception but other medication? How do you respond to the situation? What has been helpful for you?

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Contraception & Mental Health 

I’ve taken on a new contraception / the implanon. It is places in the arm, works for three years, most effective form of contraception etc etc. sounds like a dream, except I feel so separate from my inner self. I am so far removed that I am more depressed more often and whilst I am quite sure it is the change of hormones affecting my mental health I also am not certain. Its incredibly numbing and painful feeling outside of yourself - no oneness or connection to self

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