Rachel Held Evans 

I am stunned by how sad I still am. I wept in the bathroom at my church & was found by 2 friends who wept too.

I didn't know her. She was my first guiding light, and I followed her work for 10 years. Met her several times, but we weren't friends. I feel guilty for grieving so intensely when I know folks like @mike are in mourning for their actual friend.

If anyone out there is struggling today, I'm over here in Alabama, with you.

I'm so grateful for her life and work. 💔


Rachel Held Evans 

@Melissa @mike I feel it too, so does my wife. She had such a huge impact on so many people. We all lost a leader and someone we looked up to. It’s a real loss. Feel free to grieve. I grieve with you ❤️

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