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hi im katie! and uncomfortable with mainstream social media spaces for lots of reasons.

i just started studying data science and i love running, music, art, and science.

dont think i could say im deconstructing, but currently trying to sort out my beliefs after growing up in the evangelical/nondenom church. love the liturgists and this community so far

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“Imagine if every church became a place where everyone is safe, but no one is comfortable. Imagine if every church became a place where we told one another the truth. We might just create sanctuary.” @rachelheldevans

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christianity? you mean the Passion Of The Christ CInematic Universe?

ive struggled for the past few years and especially recently with what role social media has in my life. im still somewhat active on instagram but not much else. i just dont really feel comfortable with the whole whole crafting your image part of it idk.

anyone have thoughts about what ways are healthy/unhealthy ways to use it?

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everyone from age 22-25 wants to start a garden. if you can't start a garden, you bake bread. if you don't bake bread because you don't like it, you get a bike. If you're lazy, you get really into brand new federated social media platforms

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An Easter deconstruction poem, for anyone who might need it this weekend ❤️

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I resonate with the “Mother Earth” story now far more than the “Not of this world” myth. We are born of this world, we are part of it, not separate from. It is not a place to escape from but to take care of and treat well. Like a mother. She has born us and given us everything we need to grow and survive. The divine feminine in rocks and trees and soil and sky. And we have abused her, our mother.

I like this, it sounds like searching to know, knowing that you'll never know in full, which is a lot like trying to understand God/THIS/whatever

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Black holes exist. Physically. Out there, in the same cosmos that we live in, exerting the same familiar gravity we feel every day, but on scales that are hard to comprehend and at distances that barely interact with us. They're not figments in a fantasy novel, they're real, they're not even in the distant past. They are as real as you or I or the rocks we stand upon, air we breathe.

They feel like they shouldn't belong along side school busses, clouds, and all tangible things, but they do.

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I've seen a few people complain that the black hole picture is a waste, that humanity has our environment or povery or whatever else as a far far more immediate pressing matter than to take a photo that is 'an orange smear'.

The issue at hand here isn't science funding, the issue at hand is the total structure of industrial capitalism. If you cut astronomy funding to 0, how much do you think of that would go towards social projects? How much would go towards sustainable degrowth? How much would go towards ANYTHING that goes against tje ideological principles of neoliberal capitalism.

On the contrary, there are people who find a deep romantic wonder and an inherent artistic value in things like this. People finding wonder in the world, being humbled by the nature and otherness of it is a beautiful way to look at the world. Don't light your torches at astronomy, capitalism is your issue

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"The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the most fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science. Anyone who is unacquainted with it and can no longer marvel, no longer be amazed, is as good as dead, his sight gone." - Albert Einstein in a 1932 recording he called "My Credo"

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Bigotry isn't ok just because it's directed at a horrible person. Be careful about who you're hurting in the process


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From Martin Laird’s “An Ocean of Light,” his third book on contemplative prayer.

If you have not heard of Laird, then this is my gift to you today. His learned teaching on contemplation is beyond words.

just made a linkedin today and realized that I have no respectable pictures of myself bc I never take any ever

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prediction: in a hundred years, people will look at the lack of emotional and psychological support in healthcare and the dominance of profit-seeking insurance companies, and it will look as weird to them as the use of bloodletting, pediatric heroin, and tobacco smoke enemas look to us

"Through our eyes, the universe is perceiving itself. Through our ears, the universe is listening to its harmonies. We are the witnesses through which the universe becomes conscious of its glory, of its magnificence."
- alan watts

feeling very alienated by worship and christian imagery and very separate from the church right now and guilty about it. what have yall experienced that brought you peace and reconstruction?

i've been realizing lately how much running can be very meditative for me, especially when i'm running alone/for a long time. anyone else feel this way?

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