Interesting (if you find political conversation interesting) conversation on democracy and it’s different forms. It’s noted that what we have now, isn’t really democracy, it’s more of and oligarchy.
Here is one billionaire Im happy has billions... I think I might give him some more money

@vishnu new phrase stuck in my head. "Breathe freely beloved, for this... is all there is" Hope this new podcasts keeps coming!

any good twitter bots to follow on here? (bots that transfer twitter posts to Masto)
An economist and ex minister under Bill clinton states his thoughts and opinions on trumps tax cuts. Boring if you're not into that sort of thing but bloody interesting to find out exactly why and how it only benefits the mega rich, and how key minsters are adopting trumps strategy to blatantly lie 🤥 to serve his agenda.

If you’re into AI and would like to experience a debate between a human and AI, look no further. I found it incredibly interesting, you’ll be able to hear some obvious limitations the AI has, but all up, fascinating. @mike @vishnu

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