Had my first meeting with a spiritual director today. I feel much more hopeful about my spiritual journey now ✨

I’m so grieved by the passing of RHE. It’s so terribly unfair. I feel like we’ve lost a mighty pillar and the world just feels a little darker. Her voice will be missed so much.

@mike @vishnu I also just commented with this on Patreon, but i realized there’s more a chance of y’all catching it here

@mike @vishnu re:TAATR Chaos episode - y’all should read Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky. It’s the actual sci-fi book that goes into the next lineage that achieves intelligence and civilization haha I recommended it to mike at a gathering, and now I’m even more sure you’d both enjoy it

Adulthood is being too embarrassed to pull apart your string cheese so you just bite into it like an animal.

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Facebook sheisterism 

6. I’m grateful for y’all. I don’t interact with anyone here on a reg basis but reading y’alls thoughts is both comforting & refreshing. I crave community like this irl on the daily. And I still hold out hope for it. Even if it takes a full bottle of sparkling wine to get me to share my thoughts on an online platform, much less irl.

5. I LOVE Prosecco. Truly. I’d drink it even if it didn’t get me drunk. Actually kind of wish it didn’t so I could drink it more often.

4. I’m only comfortable expressing myself fully when inebriated. That kinda makes me sad bc it’s not like I hold *controversial* views on things that I should be ashamed of (for the most part).

3a. Her friends agreed with me that he was too rude for the situation so, I’m still as objective-ish as I like to think I am

3. I don’t like her boyfriend. At first glance he’s nice, but at any sign of inconvenience, he seems to bail in a bad mood. And he’s against her drinking, even though he drunk dialed her last night. NO ME GUSTAN DOUBLE STANDARDS. It’s 20-FUCKING-19.

2. She has really good girl friends. Really. Spent the night chatting with them after baby sis passed out. I’m glad she has good people around her.

Got drunkish with my 20yo sister and her friends (and I wasn’t the one to purchase the alcohol). My conclusions from the night: 1. My sister severely underestimated the potency if wine to fuck. you. up.

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I think “Us For Them” should be the anthem for the church. This song has meant so much to me in redeeming the true love of Christ for the world. Rather than the exclusionary message of the evangelical church.

Been trying (off and on) to limit my social media consumption and I’ve gotta day, the circulation of that horrifying face thing has pushed me all the way out. I literally do not want to go thru ig/twitter to try to avoid that shit 🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️

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#theliturgistsbookclub All About Love: Chapter 1 

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"Matter and spirit must be recognized as inseparable in Christ before we have the courage and insight to acknowledge and honor the same in ourselves and in the entire universe." -Richard Rohr

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