I have a 3 year old. People often tell her she is cute, or comment on how pretty she is. Any advice on how to respond to them? (Currently I laugh awkwardly and change the subject, if it's not going to be a repeat encounter). And how to follow up with my kiddo?

Offer a comment in response... you should see how ××××× she is... like how emotionally resilient or brave or strong. And then refocus the attention on things not to do with appearance :) this is what I try to do.

@andrewmurray86 @laurel_ann Agreed! Most people just don't know what to say, maybe don't know her personality.

@andrewmurray86 @laurel_ann This seems like a great idea. For follow up with her I wonder if you could talk about what things she values and how she wants to be seen. I'm sure this would have to be made simpler for a young child, but reminding her that she doesn't have to be what other people say she is might be a good start.

It can be really harmful to perceive yourself as or only be described as one or a few things. I'm still trying to deconstruct that

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