“We’re a church that takes the Bible literally.”

If you’re interested in working for racial justice, but aren’t sure how to make an impact - the work starts with yourself. Understanding the influence of White supremacy on your conscious and unconscious thoughts and decisions is the first step toward becoming the type of person who can make a difference in work.

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I’ve read a lot of Systematic Theology in my predeconstruction days and was a devout C.S. Lewis student (I still think sensucht is beautiful) but I’ve only dipped my toe into other faith traditions. At the risk of sounding like a Gungor/liturgist/sciencemike groupie- I view them as sort of a gateway in my transition into deeper awareness. Right now, I’m reading Lisa Gungors “The Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Seen” and I’m just nodding my head through the whole thing, crying. 💕 What a gift.

Some of my are...
- gardening (flower farm)
- rock and mineral geek
- botany and botanical illustration
- sketching, painting, illustrating
- always in the process of writing a book in scrivener
- reading
- listening to podcasts
- researching the human brain
- personality typing like the enneagram and myers briggs
- I have an MH in Herbalism
- philosophy
- poetry
- camping, nature, water
I'm sure there is more, I rotate obsessions 😜

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