Rob was good! I’ll be honest, I was a bit worried when his first 30 min was basically standup comedy. But he tied it all together beautifully by the end - beautiful, focused message around joy and being present.

So thankful he came to Nebraska.

Also the age demo was surprising! Huge chunk of people age 50+

@levi hrm. You didn't say "so good" so we have to suspect you of being a bot. :p

@levi I saw him in Orlando, and felt the same way. I suspect he starts out that “comic” way to perhaps draw in people who may not be familiar with his work, but as one who gets his podcasts and his books, I was laughing but growing anxious for the Rob Bell I admire to show up. And then he did, and it all made sense.

@JeanetteJohnson 100% - I was like, ok this is fun! But I also want something deeper? But then he got there, so I was all good with it.

Today's entrance is this way!

@levi @levi I loved that ... and it’s been a much needed mantra for me recently.

Quite frequently the last month or so, I’ve had to say to myself: Dang it, time to find a new way in to joy!

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