Was looking at an online job application yesterday at a tech company and it asked for my pronoun!

Y'all, some companies are starting to get it.

@levi was it very clearly optional? (It should be so that closeted and gender questioning people don't have to choose between outing themselves and lying.)

I don't think tech companies are "getting it" quite as much as small groups of employees inside the tech companies are constantly struggling to gain little bits of ground on inclusion and fighting to keep the ground previously gained. That is, until they burn out.

@shannon sure, some context. I was premature in being so elated, especially since I don't have personal skin in the game as a cisgender male.

1. the question was optional, and consistent with other values I had seen on their website.

2. it was in contrast to a YMCA signup I went through recently where they REQUIRED ppl to answer male/female. Not even a choice to opt out.

3. your point about small groups inside companies is absolutely true.

So, more of a small step forward than "getting it"

@shannon thanks so much for giving me that perspective, and kindly!

@shannon I'd be interested in talking more with you about what a completely LGBTQ friendly/safe hiring process would look like, if you're open to it.

@levi Feel free to ask or DM me.

FWIW, the only way to make progress on such an issue is to take input from the most diverse group you can gather. The point I made before comes from my experience being closeted in my workplace for seven years. Trans-inclusive efforts that assume out and binary can be damaging to closeted, stealth, and non-binary folks if not carefully designed. Also, intersectionality. Not all trans folks are sensitive to those issues. I am not sensitive to other issues.

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