Mountains in the morning, Boulder Tabs and Wafers tonight. Good day.

I saved this from Wait But Why years ago.

Needed this reminder today.

😍 he did these like as a gig (commercially) and they have spiritual value to me.

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My kids have started writing fan fiction and making their own costumes after watching it. Cuteness overload.

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patriarchy + masculinity + evangelicalism 

still on my old church's email list. just got this.

i just threw up in my mouth a little.


Meet Ruthie! She is a fiery 1.5yo golden retriever

Also how did I not know about this hashtag until just now. Pinned.

Rob was good! I’ll be honest, I was a bit worried when his first 30 min was basically standup comedy. But he tied it all together beautifully by the end - beautiful, focused message around joy and being present.

So thankful he came to Nebraska.

Also the age demo was surprising! Huge chunk of people age 50+

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