Finished THIS last night - @vishnu thanks for such a beautiful book. I think "Everything Belongs" got me closest to just seeing it all as THIS, but your book was an unexpectedly effective reframing of the whole thing that really really helped me.

Well done 👏

Realized today it's been a very long time since I've had a job where I've been "all in" - there's always been something holding me back at any given company (either product, mission, team) from giving it my all.

Is it too idealistic of me to hope to find an "all in" company to work for? Anybody on here have that?

@rdouglewis yep! It was good. Most of it was like a live podcast. Great inspiring and refreshing content. But the ending was weird and unique (in a good way).

Mountains in the morning, Boulder Tabs and Wafers tonight. Good day.

Tabs and Wafers - Boulder 

Tabs and Wafers - Boulder 

My personal website is finally reaching the point I feel comfortable sharing it!

youtube algorithm 

youtube algorithm 

@mattlaff pleasure meeting you here! I've got that one on my reading list as well. Godspeed.

I saved this from Wait But Why years ago.

Needed this reminder today.

Heard a great quote today

“Ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.” - Dallas Willard


god / suffering 

Just venting 

@shannon I'd be interested in talking more with you about what a completely LGBTQ friendly/safe hiring process would look like, if you're open to it.

@shannon thanks so much for giving me that perspective, and kindly!

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