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Man I’ve been loving this You Have Permission podcast. This one on white evangelicalism’s racial blind spot was was straight 🔥.

Like the bar for digital literacy is getting higher and higher with all these cloud connected services.

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I'm defacto office IT guy today. Just helped a dude crank through duplicate calendar issues, duplicate synced password issues, email double-forwarding, etc.

Our software and hardware has to have better defaults. Man, it was such a mess and he's just doing what comes naturally.

social media 

I got off Twitter awhile a go, but really miss the Thoughts of Dog tweets. So I set up a Zapier zap to text me every time it tweets. Now I get texts from a dog at random hours of the day. It's pretty fantastic.

Personal experiment - I completely reset my phone and am only installing apps as I need them for specific tasks. Definitely making me waste less time on my phone.

It seems like we have a lot of software/web developers on here so figured I'd ask.

Anybody looking for part-time contract web dev work? if so, DM me!

workplace frustration 

But is it wrong of me to look elsewhere? Should I continue to stick it out? Anybody else have good advice?

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workplace frustration 

Having a stressful/rough couple months at work disagreeing with vision and priorities set by leaders. As a "one", I usually get frustrated and want to "rage quit" in situations like this. And I say that acknowledging my privilege - as a digital product design/dev generalist I don't (currently) worry about getting a good gig at another company. That's an IMMENSELY privileged position that I'm very grateful for.

Anybody have good local city/state election guides or resources? Searching for a local “voters guide” but can’t find one.

@Melissa have you seen "Sliced" ? just discovered it this morning.

"We help you find opportunities that have a direct impact on reversing climate change."

Awesome resource for more ethical alternatives to the big tech companies.

steven curtis chapman 

So two of Steven Curtis Chapman's kids have a band called Colony House and they're fantastic.

(meaning they're not like SCC at all, ha)

women leading church ❤️ 

The entire service at church today was led by women. Music. Announcements. Communion. Preaching. It was beautiful. And totally normal for this church. So so refreshing.

Ha, finally getting around to listening to The Archives by Gungor and for each song I'm like "oh THAT'S where that song I loved from the One Wild Life trilogy went". So glad you released these @vishnu

enneagram relationship dynamics 

Anybody have tips for dealing with "sevens", esp. in work environments? I want to schedule time to chat through important things, they want me to "call whenever" but then they never pick up because they're doing something else. Then when I schedule dedicated time they still don't answer, because "something else came up".

I feel devalued, and I'm sure they don't want to be "tied down".

Would appreciate advice from both ones and sevens!

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