I would like to attempt to help raise everyone's awareness of what is going on in Venezuela. I have a friend who lives there who has agreed to do a Q+A on Discord in order to help people learn more about what people there are going through. It would be awesome if you guys could go read his story and contribute to the conversation. discord.gg/NJcd2ey

"I think that we've all made our gravest mistakes on the greatest intentions that we're too stubborn to let go". This is from Whisper by The Dear Hunter

Facebook recently announced their own cryptocurrency. Let's talk about this. Bitcoin (and others) was designed to take the power of controlling currency out of the hands of fallible people. Some say that's good, some bad. Facebook is putting together a consortium of the world's largest corporations to make a global currency that they control. I think almost anyone would agree that this would be an immense human rights issue. But will that stop people from using something so "convenient"?

You can actually watch the Mars 2020 Rover being built over a Livestream! youtu.be/PaNiYPglK58

So once again. Could this new type of economy become bigger? Could society figure out how to make all aspects of people's lives taken care of without asking for power in return?

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That mentality is continuing to grow across different virtual industries, slowly replacing things controlled by businesses and government with contributions of good will. While these contributions benefit us and businesses and government, they transcend ownership. They only exist to help everyone, not to give any single person or entity more power

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For example, given any website you go to or piece of software you use, at least 99% of the code in that software comes from open source which means that people wrote it for the sole purpose of allowing the world the benefit. It's not a business. It's not sold (but people tend to accept donations). It's not distributed by a government. It's just people who want to spend their free time giving something back to the world

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In the conversation between capitalism vs socialism, not many people know about a new system that is popping up. While currently, there are only a few, virtual applications, I see a lot of potential for decentralistic contributionism. Open source software was the first iteration, and it's being followed by cryptocurrencies, decentralized social media and decentralized data storage and processing. I only wonder if it's ideas CAN eventually grow beyond the virtual.

Been listening to the enneagram episode today. Now I actually feel that it's not that abnormal that my 5 month old literally smiles and laughed and acts excited about literally everything and my 3 year old must be in control of everyone in the room including telling us how we are allowed to apply consequences to his actions. Thanks enneagram!

Scientists at Yale discovered that it's possible to predict when a particle is going to make a "quantum jump" without collapsing the particle's superposition. I don't quite understand the details but apparently they can even use this technique to reverse the particle back to it's original state before the quantum jump. I'm not totally sure what a quantum jump is but I think an example would be the decay of an unstable atom. So Schrodinger's cat can now be saved ahead of time

So you know those galaxies that scientists believed had no dark matter? Turns out, they just miscalculated the distance away from us which threw everything off. Good ol' science...

Had my first communion today since Tabs and Wafers (Boulder). I can honestly say that this was the first time communion actually felt meaningful to me.

After a long journey of deconstruction I feel like today was a good step towards reconstruction.

Sorry to keep harassing you with praises but thanks again @mike and @vishnu

You shouldn't believe 73% of statistics that I tell you

While playing chess with my 2 year old (which is just me showing him how to take all my pieces), he suddenly felt bad that he was taking so many of my pieces and he offered to give them all back to me. How can people see little kids and believe that they're born evil?

My two year old just told me not to fill the bathtub too high because the faucet might "run out of batteries"

"It's not society who determines people's futures. It's people who determine society's future"
- Inspector Akane Tsunemori, Psycho-Pass (anime series)

@mike i would like to get your opinion on a logical proof of a conscious external God. I stumbled across it about a year ago while pondering on the mathematical nature of reality and it has greatly shaped my perception of God. It's taken me all this time to write it down and I finally finished a first draft tonight. Your opinion on whether it's legitimate or full of holes would mean a lot to me. And of course I welcome feedback from others as well. Thanks in advance! docs.google.com/document/d/1e4

Quantum physicists just don't understand the gravity of the situation

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